Our full-term Preemie

My Reaction to 3rd Grade Homework

  • Oh sounds like a typical night at our house! Minus the nap lol! 3rd grade is very confusing! We have one of those too! We will get through it venting to each other! Hugs!!  

  • Yeah sometimes this "new math" really gets on my nerves. I try very hard to make sure I don't impress that upon Abbey because I don't it to stress her out the way it did me. So far, math is one of her favorites and I hope it stays that way. I feel you on the spelling too...she is really struggling with it and I just don't understand as it was my easiest subject. I won spelling trophies through 7th grade and never studied....I truly wish they wouldn't give homework they can't do on their own. I mean...already did all this... *sigh*


  • ughhh my friend who also has a 3rd grader has been sharing her homework woes...I don't get all the homework.  I taught 4th grade and never gave that much kids need down time too.   and writing in math just don't get it...why can't they just solve the problem and move on.  Glad you got a nap you earned it!  Nicki