Our full-term Preemie


  • Hugs.   As you know my son was non verbal for most of his life, even at home.  If you talked to him, he would explode into a series of nonsense words and sounds and especially so if the situation was stressful for him.  Like a stranger talking to him.   Or being bullied at school.  He could though write so we knew he was in there.   It was a really helpless feeling.  For him, for his teachers, for us.

    For the last few months, he is so much better.  Not perfect, but much better.   It took him awhile, but he slowly started talking, trusting his ability to use his words and trusting others to listen to him.   Hopefully Olivia will soon too.

    All of that said...I am proud of her for doing a great job at the dance with lots of strangers, whether she spoke or not.  And I am proud of your patience and your understanding.  I know firsthand how hard that can be sometimes.   You are an awesome mama.

  • There are bracelets you can get for non-verbal kids with all that information. I'll track down the link for you. I can't imagine the stress that would add. Ethan is verbal, but early on, he would refuse to talk to people he didn't know, or when pushed, or if he thought they were talking down to him. Terrified me in the same way of what if there's an emergency?

    Sounds like you both survived fantastically.



  • It is so scary the things that you need to do to protect your children. What an insightful mom you are to think ahead (even if it scares you to imagine the worst scenario). I'm so thankful that it was not needed yet and I really hope that she will become more verbal as she continues to grow.


  • Oh sweet Olivia.  So glad that things went smoothly with the dance marathon.  It sucks having to think about things like that in emergencies.  I've seen some stickers you can put on the carseats too, although she's probably getting close to growing out of one if she's not already now that I think of it.  It's hard thinking about when you're not able to be there to speak for them when they can't do it for themselves.  hugs mama!


  • That is understandably stressful. I like the solution you came up with. I'm proud of both of you for moving forward with your plan and going to Purdue. Each time you walk into those situations you are teaching Olivia that these places are safe, with safe people and it gives her opportunities to grow and learn. And with every opportunity she moves that much closer to speaking in new situations.  Glad you both had a great time!