Our full-term Preemie

Putting the 'Pal' in Principal

  • It does make such a difference when you know that everyone is actually on your side and your child's side when it comes to education and learning! It's so awesome that you know they want Olivia to learn more than anything!!

    Love and Hugs


  • That's great news Tommie! I am so glad you have them both in your corner. It makes a huge difference when educators care so much. Keeping my fingers crossed that Mrs. M gets her wish! Hugs and love, Aimee

  • When you find a team who are invested in your child's success they can make all the difference. I'm so, so grateful that you have that for Olivia! So grateful! She's doing great, and will continue to improve with your support and theirs.

    Miss you!

    Love and Hugs,