Christopher Santos

One day at a time.....

  • HUGS AND LOVE!!!!  I wish I could hug you in person.  Please know we are always here when you need us... when your ready!  

    What beautiful pictures!  I hope you had an amazing time in California!  

    Much Love


  • So many hugs to you. Good luck with your new position with the PTO, you are much braver than I to take on that role! I agree with Sam, we are here when you need us, always.

    Love and Hugs


  • Maria, it's always good to read a post from you:) Hugs! It sounds like it was a nice break in CA. There's always something so calming and peaceful about the ocean. Congrats in your new role! I know you're creative and have lots of fun ideas.

    Sending hugs,


  • Awe Maria. Hugs to you. I am glad that you posted. What lovely pictures of your boys.


  • Hi Maria, nice to see a post from you. I understand about wanting to post, getting your thoughts together, and then walking away. That's quite OK.

    Hugs and love you. Congrats on the PTA position!