Always A Shadow

  • I can relate to everything you wrote. I have always worked to make sure I foster independence in C but it hit me hard the other day that I now have an 8 year old!  How did this happen to us, they are getting so big so fast....I hate it when we go places and C is the only kid and that's when it always hits me that there should be someone else. But I am finding that C can hold a conversation with any adult no problem and that he has awesome social skills so I try to focus on that.  That's awesome your daughter just joined right in at camp without thinking twice.  I hope she had fun and sending hugs. Nicki

  • What a beautiful post for both Abbey and for Josie.  You are an amazing mom to both your girls as you figure out how to parent them, one here and one in your heart.

    So much love,


  • I try to foster independence here as well, but I still get sad when they don't need me for things. And I watch how Kaelin takes off to hang out with friends at camp instead of me nudging her forward.

    Awesome that Abby had no qualms about overnight camp!

    Hugs and love.