Infant Loss Awareness

  • I read this through tears. There is no question that Josie felt only your love and goodness in her too short time with you.  Thank you for sharing that truthful quote and for continuing to bring awareness through sharing your sweet Josie.


  • Oh Brandi, I'm so sorry. I imagine you standing at that window the snow and glitter from the fairies... your heart breaking into a million pieces. Just reading that made my heart break for you. I know you know this.. but I'll say it anyway... Josie only knew and felt your love. Every bit of your love. Thank you for sharing Josie and your story with us and with the world. Josie is leaving her footprint in the hearts of every person who hears your story.

    Hugs my friend,


  • Hugs and love dear friend!!


  • Brandi, thank you for sharing Josie's story. I am honored to know you.