Just when I thought I made it

  • Please don't ever apologize for sharing your feelings. The good, the bad and the ugly. That's the beautiful thing about Share. You are safe here and never have to explain your feelings.

    Sending you big hugs as you walk through this month remembering your sweet Josie.



  • I have been thinking about you. Angelversaries and the days leading up to them are just so hard and overwhelming. You had shared that it was her 10-year angelversary and that's such a big one, a very significant chunk of time. You're still standing and getting up each and every day for you, for Josie, for Abbey, and Dennis. Pretty brave if you ask me:) I LOVE that you stopped and got yourself a yummy tea and brownie. I'm smiling because I know I've hid evidence before too because I didn't want to share. Moms give so much of themselves. You deserve a little splurge and I'm sure you'll still fit the dress. No worries.

    I wanted to share that I didn't cry when I met my son and had to give him back to hospital staff. I don't know if it was the meds, the transfusions, the shock or a combination of everything. The tears didn't come until 2 days later and didn't stop for a long time. I can still get easily teary though and that probably won't ever change unless I go for Botox or something.

    Thinking of your angel and sending you hugs,


  • Josie, thank you for posting this very real post.  Ten years without her is huge and you deserve to feel whatever you feel whenever you feel it.  SO much love to you and your sweet Josie.  Know that I am thinking of your whole family today.