She's 9 Now and Other Rambles

  • Dance Mom----  I'm sure all of those moms have at one time or the other wondered where the time has gone, but those memories may not mean quite the same thing to those who haven't experienced your situation.  I think I look at things way differently than others because of Taylor's death.  It's those little things that nobody else thinks about!  Ansley does the same thing about mentioning Taylor to others when asked about siblings and she's 14 proud of her sister and doesn't want her to be left out.  Hugs to you as you watch Abbey grow and change!


  • I know it's 8 years later but I still want to congratulate you and Abbey on those miraculous first steps! My own daughter is 5 and I totally feel you on that awe and choked-up feeling -- sometimes even when I just feel her breathe. Happy 9th birthday to Abbey and hugs to you!