Spring Break 2018

  • Love that you all had a wonderful Spring Break and had a wonderful Disney World vacation! Very cool for all of you! I've only seen Cinderella's Castle there in the wee morning hours with a couple other SYS ladies. It was hysterical! So cool that Abbey got her face painted and enjoyed the whole experience. She'll remember it:) Isn't it insane how much stuff we actually have in our homes?! I hear you about the school situation. You're doing awesome advocating for her and I hope that you all find that dream team at her next school setting:)



  • I'm so glad that Disney World was all you had dreamed it would be. I always feel the same way when we're there. It will be my one gift to my grandchildren.... someday! Everyone should experience it at least once in their life.

    Good luck and have a wonderful day remembering your sweet Josie and celebrating Abbey on Sunday. You're an amazing support to so many and Josie continues to  inspire me and many others to keep doing what we're doing here and for the foundation as a whole.

    Good luck with the move... I can't think of a better reason to move than to find a better school for Abbey. I hope you're able to find a better learning environment for her so that you can have more support in her education.

    See you soon!


  • Brandi -- glad to hear the Disney vacation was awesome! Disney does have a magical effect on everyone.

    You are an awesome advocate for your girl. I know our situations are different, but Kaelin has also had a rough year in 3rd grade. I've put her back into the intervention program for some extra help in a couple areas. She struggles in an area in which I am strong -- english language arts -- and I find it hard to understand why. She makes mistakes she shouldn't, and it's tested my patience in a big way.

    Good luck on getting the house ready for sale. We went through that three years ago ... and I hated the process. I tell my husband I will die in my current house, because I'm not doing that again! :)