Therapy and Dance Competition #1

  • So glad that Abbey is doing so well! Love the attitude in the picture, looks like she has sure has some confidence!  My seven year old is in an Elvis Stage so love that it was Jail House Rock! That's all tha we hear in our house these days, lol! Glad to hear that the therapy is doing well and she is expressing her emotions more, too bad about her dad giving you trouble.  Hopefully things get better soon with that!

  • She looks so cute in her dance costume:) I bet once the nerves settled, she had so much fun! She's right, she now knows what to expect and she'll be even more prepared for the next one with those judges. Yay for dance! I'm sorry that her Dad is causing added stress. I'm so glad that she's got both you and Dennis. I'm surprised that the therapist asked how you dealt with the loss. I'm guessing he meant initially because it's an ongoing thing. I like things organized too and I always have. I thought it was the German in me, "alles in Ordnung" kind of a thing, but I'm sure there is some truth with the anxiety component for myself as well. I'm glad that she feels comfortable talking to the guy and that it's helping. Always good to get those words and feelings out:)



  • I would have been so taken aback with the questions from the therapist directed at me.  I had a similar situation this week with Colin's therapist asking me questions about Scott.  I guess it's good to have direct doctors but wow...she looks adorable in her costume.   Sorry you are having to deal with everything with her dad.  Nicki