Why I Walk 2017

  • It has been amazing to watch their story unfold just as ours had. I really hope the best possible outcome for your friends and baby Jeffrey. I'm sure she feels so lucky to have you on her side


  • I hope baby Jeffrey continues to do well in the NICU.  I'm sure your friend really appreciates having your support and understanding right now.  Please keep us posted on how he is doing. I will keep your friend in my thoughts.


  • Wow. Tears. Amazing. Not only your sweet story but now your friends and how you have been personally touched once again. You have such a sweet voice with words and can tell something so perfectly. When I delivered Lincoln I was 5 hours from home. I can't imagine 2000 miles. I will continue to pray for baby Jeffrey to grow and thrive and to head home soon. Hugs my friend.

  • I love you and your heart!  Thank you for all you do!

    Much Love


  • Wow... what a story about your friends and their baby. I hope he continues to be a rockstar.

    You are a true friend to Patti, and a rockstar yourself for babies. As hard as it is to be an angel mom, you have found a way to make a difference in others' lives.