17wks and now have found out that I have placenta previa

  • Welcome to Share. I am so glad you came here to find support. Personally I don't have experience with this but will be praying for you and your twins. Hugs!

  • Welcome to SHARE.  Although I have not had placenta Previa I wanted to stop and and let you know that we are here for you as your navigate this road ahead.  Please update us with how you and yoru twins are doing when you can.

    Much love and lots of hug


  • I didn't have placenta previa, but I had a subchorionic hematoma that eventually led to placental abruption at 33 weeks. I dealt with bleeding during pregnancy because of this so I can relate to how scary it is. I was scared everytime I went to the bathroom, afraid I was going to see blood. I was hospitalized at 32 weeks because of it and they finally performed an emergency c-section because the placenta detached. My beautiful little girl is 6 weeks old and is doing perfectly. It's horrible having to walk around and pretend everything is perfect with your pregnancy when it's not. My only advice is to try and take it easy and not worry about it. There is nothing you can do to control your situation. It is out of your control. Try to be happy and enjoy your pregnancy. Go to the hospital when you need to. Lots of mommas with placenta issues go on to have happy healthy babies! Your baby might just come a little earlier than anticipated!

  • Babies!! I meant that to be plural! Your babies might just come to meet you a little earlier than anticipated!! Congrats on the twins momma!

  • Thank y'all for your support and I will up date when I can. How long was you in the hospital before they did the emergency c-section ? Should I make plans for my other kids that I already have?

  • I was only in the hospital a week before the c-section because I had a big bleed and they thought about taking my baby out that day. Instead they decided to admit me and monitor me until I had another bleed which is when they performed the c-section. With twins and placenta previa, I would be making arrangements for other kids starting around 30-32 weeks just to be safe. It's certainly possible you'll make it past 32 weeks, but if you're bleeding really bad at that point they'll probably admit you to the hospital until you have the baby. Twins are usually delivered a little early anyways!

  • I did not have this condition with my boys before i lost them, but i would follow your doctor's advice and guidance. I hope the condition improves, and that you have a healthy outcome.


  • Definitely consult with your doctor. Every pregnancy is different. I'm just going based on my experience. Keep us posted on how you're doing!