Making It

Crazy Week!

  • Congratulations on bringing baby Eden home! I'm sure the added chaos of a newborn, pre schooler and school age child will settle down a bit..well not the chaos but at least your ability to be prepared for it. Sorry about the scare with her spit up- so hard to watch them struggle at all. I'm glad you all are safe and sound under one roof and you can start to live as a family.

    Love and Hugs


  • So happy to hear that Eden is home, and so glad you are in your new house;  I know the transition is hard and alot to handle as you have alot going on with a move, a brand new baby, and having your older two get used to have their new baby sister around, but it sounds like your 3 year old is adjusting well.  That's so great.  Don't give yourself a hard time over the formula, you are doing such an amazing job!!  Hoping for some restful nights for you!


  • Yay for bringing sweet Eden home.  I cant imagine bringing home a preemie and then moving in the middle of it all.  Don't be to hard on yourself you have been through a lot over the past few months and you deserve to give yourself a break.  

    p.s.  I did the same thing to my husband when they discharged my youngest.  I didn't tell him Jaxson was being released.  When he came to pick me up I was walking out of the hospital with Jaxson in his car seat.  I remember my husband asking me " are you supposed to be leaving with him"  lol it was so great!

    Much love and lots of hugs,


  • The beginning of your post brought tears to my eyes...What an awesome surprise for Dad. =)   I don't think I would have been able to hold it in all day.   I'm sure it's an adjustment in your house figuring out new routines and schedules.  One day at a time. Nicki