Making It

Day 15 - Day 3 of Bleeding

  • I'm so glad your visit with your boys went well! What a special blessing that was for you.

    I'm sorry the bleeding is continuing. You're doing all you can and you're stronger than you know. I'm glad to hear that your sweet baby is doing well despite all of this.  

    I just left a long-winded reply (sorry!) on your blog post from yesterday. And then saw this post so... now you have some reading material. ;-)

    Thanks for updating. I'm glad writing here is helping you find some peace. Hang in there. You're doing great!


  • Hello again,

    I'm sorry about the bleeding, the anxiety its causing you is very understandable. Its reassuring to know that the baby looks good on the ultrasound and its so wonderful you have kind nurses who help keep you calm while going through all of this.

    I'm so happy you found our site and that blogging is helping you  while you're on bed rest. I don't even have to tell you to keep us posted because you are doing an awesome job at that!

    You are doing much better than I would be, hospitals make me ridiculously uncomfortable.

    Love and Hugs