Making It

Day 21!!

  • It sounds like it's been a good few days. I'm glad you're feeling more relaxed now that the divorce is final. I'm sure that stress wasn't helping your situation.

    Stay strong. You're one more day closer to safety for your Eden and that means one less day in the NICU.



  • Hi there, I too live in Richmond, VA and just came across your posts.  I'm a mom to boy/girl twins who I spent 11 weeks with on bedrest in the hospital.   I know it's a scary time, but I'm so glad you had a good day today and that you feeling more at peace with everything going on.   You got this mama!   Sending you lots of continued positivity!!

  • Yay for no bleeding today!  

    Glad your divorce is final and that the weight of that stress has been lifted off your shoulders.  

    We are thinking of you!  Keep up the great work you are doing amazing!  

    Much Love


  • Keeping my fingers crossed that things continue to go well!  I will be keeping you and Eden in my thoughts.