Making It

Feeling Crazy

  • Hello! I am so sorry that things are quite crazy for you. I have two rainbow girls -- 8 and 5 1/2, and the bickering, drama and doing things they shouldn't send me skyward some days. I am sure it is even more difficult with a little one as well.

    I hope that your counseling appointment goes well. I went to one after I lost my sons, and then started again last year when my heart and head needed someone to help me sort things out about my life.  I hope that counseling helps you as well.

    Check in and let us know how you are, how the kids are -- and how things are going in general.


  • Hang in there...just breathe and take it one day at a time.   My husband and I started seeing a counselor when my son died.  We had stopped when we were in a good place then we went back to help clear our heads with family drama.  A counselor can be a wonderful tool to help us figure things out, and a safe place to just say what we are feeling. hugs to you . Nicki

  • Hoping you are feeling alittle better after your appointment!  I'm hoping by posting here, you are feeling some relief and support as well, but I'm so glad you made an appointment with your counselor.  Thinking of you today and everyday!