Making It


  • Hello,

    I hope that you are feeling better  and your shaking and pain is subsiding. Keep an eye on it and call your ob if you have anymore symptoms. This happened to me after I had my first, even though it was vaginal delivery. I had a fever, cramping, cold, shaking etc. They checked me out  at the ER and gave me pain meds. I was over-extending myself, running around too much and not taking good care of myself. Try not to stress too much about the housekeeping matters, only so much you can do. I'm happy to hear that baby Eden is doing so well and you can engage in her care. Keep us posted, hang in there.

    Love and Hugs


  • Hoping you are feeling a little better - have you talked with your OB yet about it?  It never hurts to call their office and talk it over with a doctor or nurse.  That always makes me feel better.  I'm so sorry you are going through the emotional roller coaster of being at home while Eden is in the NICU.  It's a hard journey but I'm so glad she is doing good.  I was also very scared to hold my little ones.  They were so tiny and I was so worried about the cords and wires, but once I did, I felt so much better.  You are doing a great job mom.  Sending you lots of support!!