Making It

So Happy!!!

  • Hello again,

    I am so very thrilled for you and that baby Eden is doing so well in the NICU!!  It is wonderful she was able to latch and breastfeed.  You are so very very welcome for all of the support, it's what Share is all about! I hope you keep us posted on her discharge date and how everything goes at home with her and the boys. I'm very happy that we have been able to help you and that you feel a connection here. Its what keeps us all coming back, knowing there are people who get it!

    Love and Hugs


  • I am so happy to read this post!  I just loved reading this.  I'm so glad to hear you felt so supported here!  That's exactly what we are hear for.  We are cheering you on and sending you lots of comforting, supporting, positive vibes.

    Keep us updated!