Life Will Go On and Did

It’s been a long time

  • Wow I’d wished I knew photography good to be able to be a Lay me down to sleep photographer after losing my baby I felt terrible but receiving those photos made me see that it Makes a difference having a picture of your baby

  • Zsuzsi, I am smiling SO big right now:) I will send you a much longer email soon, but I just wanted to say that this is such a wonderful thing that you are doing. I'm loving reading a post from you on this site too! Welcome back girl! We had talked briefly about that last week too and here it is again. Isn't that weird and awesome at the same time? I tell you, these signs that just keep coming from our little angels. . .  I felt a similar nudge be it Infant Loss Remembrance Day or who knows what, but I had to take a chance and reach out. I'm SO glad that I did!

    I knew of the organization, but there wasn't anyone available in the wee hours of our horrible morning. The nurses did take a few pictures and I treasure them. I hope that you won't get many calls, but if you do, you are the right person for them. I love that Zach has been sending signs, gently pushing you towards this. I hope that he keeps giving you the strength to do amazing things and that you continue to heal through the photography he inspires you to create.

    Sending HUGS and LOVE,


  • Wow that's so great! What a beautiful way to honor our babies gone too soon - thank you for doing this. And welcome back to Share :)

  • Hugs and love to you!  You take beautiful photos and I know that you will offer comfort to these families when they need it the most.


  • Hello,

    What an amazing way to pay forward in your son's memory and use your skills. I wish you so much peace and hope in this endeavor. It's a service we hope that people would never need, but when it is needed its good to know that there are thoughtful and caring individuals who can help.

    Love and Hugs


  • Thank you so much for applying for that organization.  Those pictures we have from NLMDTS are the most precious pictures we have.  Sending virtual hugs and support to you when you are called. I hope to you never will but know if you do you are giving something to a family that they will forever be grateful to you for. Nicki