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  • In reply to TrinitysMommy:

    Hi ladies, saying hello on this gorgeous sunday. girls are sleeping and i'm relaxing. headed to family day at the ballpark later this afternoon for food, drinks and fun on the ball field. Girls are excited.

    So.... my college racing days are far behind me, but my ability to rock at 5K isn't... After a seven-year racing hiatus (last one was in fall 2006), i ran 25:13, which put me 8th overall in the women's race and second in my age group. I was pumped. Felt great and plan to rock another race maybe sometime later this month or next month. My college times were much faster (22:41 was my PR) -- and who knows, maybe I'll come close again.

    Let's see what i remember:

    Sam: oohh, date night. i haven't had one of those since March. I rarely see Dan, and it's pretty much in passing him as he leaves for work or another road trip (which i'm sick of already).

    Jami: my sister is a massage therapist, so yes, my massages are free. Dan usually buys me one for christmas. in fact, i have a certificate for a hot stone massage with my sister that he bought me a few years ago, but i was pregnant at the time and haven't been able to use it. I also have a half-hour certificate with her. I could totally do massages every week if I could afford it (or if my sister lived closer).

    Lorena: hope everyone is feeling much better in your house.

    Lauren: how is the weather now?

    Stacy: congrats on making it to 24 weeks. Keep baking, Isla!

    Tracy: how was the  massage? what kind is your favorite? Mine is hot stone (even though I hate feeling like a grease ball from the oil afterward). Like HS much better than swedish. the 75 minute massage i had at the spa last weekend included an abdominal massage, which i never had. was a little weird ... supposed to be good for the gut.

    Liz: how are you feeling?

    Kaelin starts four day a week preschool on 9/3. Can't believe it. Next year will be full-day kindergarten. Oi.


  • Samantha: wow¡ already walking?  Oh now starts  the difficult age....chasing. Them....

    Stacy: congratulacions on your 24 weeks! Wow time is flying....  I loved the sling rings...yes I had to google it.... Like Donna said I am also out of the loop for baby stuff.... Even the cloth they use... I found a page snuggy something... Also loved their wet bags.... Oh poor Elim.... Antibiotics and runny nose are not fun...

    Liz: oh so sorry for your church friend many hugs....

    Jessica: so nice to see you... Glad to hear you are fine...

    Lindsay: happy happy birthday to T.   Sounds like he had a very special day....I remember the drunk birthday cake from last year..... Hahaha.... Ah! Thanks for explaining sometimes I get lost with all the initials and short words.. S brought yesterday 3 friends.... For his birthday he invited 15..... And all Came...

    Did i told you miss V favorite song in the car is Rehab from Amy Winehouse.... By  way I love her music....

    Donna: phew! You are done with that...  Something less in your to do list... First recital with punte for Grace?

    Oh what I mean  for the plane tickets is that it is ridiculous to pay for Washington that is 1868 miles from my city almost the same price fo Rome that is 6197 miles away..... And no direct fly I have to make at least 2 stops and almost 9 hours trip...... But it has been like 15 years since the last time I visit Washington..... I am still thinking......

    My DH tests Came back... Not conclusive but seems like He had Dengue fever.... Ok it sounds a scary...  I know I live in a subdevelop country, but that disease I have not heard anyone sick with it In my life....  Just people far away in jungle with no Drs. 

    Ok good night!


  • Donna- yes walking and I'm chasing...  but it will help with my weightloss.  13lbs down!    Getting closer to my goal for SU!  


  • In reply to Jill C:

    Jessica who??? lol So good to *see* you Jess! Sleepovers..or lack-of-sleep-overs. Sounds like a good friend for Maddie, but wow..

    Samantha - Little man is NOT walking! He can't be old enough or big enough for that. Or can he?

    Lindsay - Good luck with the hab person. Good to keep everyone on the same page. Pump It Up = I'd rather puncture my own eardrum if I'm there during a party.

    Stacy - Double high five for 24 weeks!!! Ring Sling? My kids are older...I'm totally out of the loop on baby stuff anymore. Hope Elim bounces back. Poor little guy.

    Whew - Recital 2013 is done!!!!! Pathetically, I teared up watching one of her ballet dances. She just glows on that stage! Four months to Nutcracker. SAVE ME!!!

  • Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

    Stacy-  YAY for 24 weeks!  

    Jaxson officially took off walking, he is all over the place, climbing, falling....  I think he need a helmet!    

    What's the countdown for SU?  


  • Jessica - I'm so glad the sleepover is over and you all survived:). We haven't done one of those yet . . .

    Jill - The time is off on mine too.  Still working on how to fix it.

    Stacy - Hope little Elim's nose stops running and he can get to feeling better.  Yay for 24 weeks!  Thinking about you!

    Donna - I bet those pics are really beautiful.  Maybe we'll get to see one at SU?

    Lorena - A hab person is a habilitation provider who comes to the house to help with Mr. T.  They work on daily living skills and certain behaviors.  She gets paid through the State.  I fought all last summer for the hours that we have and we are currently on our 3rd provider.  When she isn't doing hab and I want a break or need to run an errand, she can do respite (professional babysitting).  She has some good ideas about how to motivate him, but I'm giving her a crash course in ABA so that she stays on the same page with us.  Everything consistent, everything routine.  Right now, she's coming M-F, but I might try to schedule her longer and for less days if I can.  School starts on Monday for D and hubby.  

    How many friends did S have over the other day?  That's a good thing though, right? I hear you on the airfare!  I know it's expensive and Europe sounds dreamy. Let me know what you decide.  Could be fun to get away . . . twice?

    Liz - I booked my flights already too, but I had a travel voucher from my lovely cancelled surgery last Winter.  Grrrr . . .I still have beef with them and I am going after them for some out-of-pocket expenses.  Small claims baby!

    I have to go back and read about how to upload/attach photos.  Got a few cute ones I want to share with Share:)  Pump It Up yesterday evening was a bit chaotic, but I'm told that's usually how it is for open jumping unless you've reserved a room for a party.  Mr.T actually got a voucher for a free jump, so I might take him back in the morning one day, maybe after PT.  He had a great birthday, fully aware of what's going on, attacking his gifts, and very content with a cake made at home.

  • In reply to Madisons mom:

    Jill:  I think you can change the time zone to match where you're at, but I forget how to!

    Lindsay:  Hmmm, very interesting on getting a call from his teacher after you very clearly pulled him!

    Liz:  You better get your levels all checked up well in advance of SU again to make sure you're in top shape to come!  Hugs to you on the funeral you're about to attend.

    Lorena:  I hope you can make it to SU!  Although, that does sound incredibly tempting to be able to go to Rome or Paris with the kids!

    Jessica: HA!  I'm not the only one!  It did that to me awhile back with the making words into links, I searched google for the ad that was popping up and uninstalled the programs that used that on my computer and it went away.  Wonder what the deal is?  Lol, that sounds simply exhausting but yay for a first sleepover!

    Gasp, I'm all caught up on Share so feel like I can come in here and mess around and catch up!  24 weeks today, hooray!!!  Celebrating by buying a new ring sling (sakura bloom pure linen in blackberry, thought it's about time to get a good purple in my collection) and then a movie and dinner with Charles!  Oh yeah, grocery shopping this morning too.  Elim finally has no fever and is acting good, but he's got a nice stuffy/runny nose still going on and last day of antibiotics is tomorrow.  At which point I would guess if I stopped his sinus infection would pop right back up, if not pneumonia by the sound of his cough.  Ugh.  I'm gonna continue the antibiotics though since the store gave me extra until I can call his actual pedi on Monday or Tuesday (instead of her fill in that gave me bad advice last week) to get some more advice.

  • ok why is the word *phone* highlighted like a link? hmmm

  • In reply to TrinitysMommy:

    ok can I get a whoot whoot for find the cafe lmao....sorry chickies..mia again. busy busy beaver....keeping tabs on you from my phone tho....its so hard to get on a computer lately with the lil rugrat. FB is right on my phone...easy peazy to keep tabs.

    Maddie is having her first official *best friends sleepover* tonight. Gotta say I'm exhausted. This lil chickie has been here since 11 this morning....I'm beat. She really is the sweetest lil girl and hysterical but still an extra lil drama queen. Two little chickens but. Its the first for both of them so they asked me if I could sleep on the couch and watch them....poor lil thing asked me 12 times if Keith locked the front door....if she woke up inthe middle of the nigth could she wake me up...had to promise her I would fight tigers for my friends and family for her to fall asleep. Shes such a kind hearted lil girl but..she was in Maddies kindergarden and first grade class...she always helped Maddie, made sure she didnt fall...if there was a game she knew Maddie had to sit out from she would sit with her....really a sweetie...her parents are raising her right...good hear. BUT ...after two hours playing dance club...watching Judy Moody 4 TIMES, Princess Protection Plan 2 times..pool, pillow fight, ice cream, pop corn think they would be too :/  They are finally resting so I grabbed the laptop.  

    Miss you girlies....SU cant come soon enough!!!!!!



  • Lindsay:  Glad you got a date lunch!  Silly school hope it doesnt interfere with his new school!

    Liz:  Im always like lets just take the boys with us.  Derek is the one who pushes just us.   Im sorry your transfers are painful.  hugs as you head out to your friends funeral tonight.  I never do well at funerals.  

    Lorena:  I will ask my aunt.  Im sure she will help! I  will be sad to not see you at SU  but I totally understand...  Can I hide in your luggage and go with??

    Donna:  godd luck Cant wait to see the pics!!!!  Send her our love!


  • In reply to Jill C:

    Sam - Date nights are a necessity for parental sanity. Glad you got one in. Super big wooooooohooooo for SU!!

    Jill - Five more weeks? So jealous. Mine are at an age they don't drive me completely insane over the summer anymore. And definitely, take the naps. The first year Ethan was in school, naps were priority. You've earned it!

    Liz -ARGH on the infusion.

    Lindsay - What the what? One more reason it was the right choice to pull him. Good grief.

    Lorena - It'd be a tough choice, but since I've been to Italy, I'd totally get skipping SU to save for an Italy trip.

    Tracy - Off to read your blog.  Sigh....Glove was never found. We created a new one. Dance grams were finished. First show tonight, and then the last tomorrow afternoon. We were at the theater almost 8 hours yesterday for dress rehearsal. I've seen a preview of the photos from the photographer and they're beautiful.

  • Liz: I am sorry for the painful transfusion.... I hate needles, and I have the bad luck that my veins "hide" whenever I have to do a blood sample, and for my worst bad luck it seems like I  always get the "new" lab nurse...... needless to say my arms end up all with bruises the next day.....Oh by writing in my mind the blogs, I mean my own blog, not answering in my head....

    Lindsay: Maybe she was hoping you "re consider" your decision, and play the dumb to see if you have.....

    Jami: So sorry for your dog, it must have been so sad....

    Jill: Really?? What Dr. works at 8:40 am???  I once arrived earlier to my appointment and discover my Dr. coming from playing tennis..... Also my boss's  (sp?) boss  comes every morning wearing shorts and racket in hand....

    Samantha: I would love to be in your on line party.... Do they send it outside US??

    I too like school days because get order and schedule in S life....  Congratulations on the 12 pounds and counting, and the date with your DH....

    Tracy: Already ended the vacation time?? So fast???

    Oh another school for Ansley?? That must be scary.... Older kids....

    Ellen: I always dreamed about being in a boarding school.... I loved school so I would have love to live in one....Specially if they have a big library...

    Donna: so much to do.... horse racing??' how nice..... Did you finished the 400 cards??

    Ok that is all I can remember from now. For SU I am still thinking about it.... The plane ticket to Washington is really expensive from here, for couple of bucks more I can buy a plane ticket to Rome or Paris..... So, though decision since we  are planning next year to go to Italy, miss V has not been there yet, and we would love to visit Belgium where my DH lived all his childhood....

    ok I have to end work and go and pick S at school, he invited some friends home.....

    Happy Friday


  • In reply to liz loschinskey:

    Sam, how'd you book flights already?  Email me or find me  on FB!!

  • In reply to lvazquez:

    Lindsay--What?  I hate when people don't do their job properly and then it falls back on us, the parent, to figure it out.  I've withdrawn him.  Not that hard.

    Tracy--I'd be nervous, too!!!  So exciting tho!

    Sam--I don't even think Mike and I have had a date night since t's been with us.  Such is life.(I'm really just jealous)

    Donna--How'd the recital practice go??

    Here I sit, getting a rather painful transfusion.  It could be way worse tho, right?  I've caught up on all of the p2p areas on the site, so I feel good about that....I'm about to check out blogs and maybe even enter my own.  Viewing tonight and funeral tomorrow for my friend.  I'm not really sure how I will deal with that.  

    I always humble myself and remember I could be way worse off than I am and I should be grateful for everything and everyone I have.

    Sam-YaY on booking flights and such!!