Join us for ShareUnion in Washington, DC Sept 27 - 29

It's time to start planning for THE event of the year... ShareUnion 2013!

ShareUnion is an amazing face-to-face reunion for Share members supported by the March of Dimes. Finally you are able to meet everyone who you have supported and that have supported you through all the ups and downs of being a March of Dimes mission family touched by prematurity, birth defects or infant mortality.

There are workshops throughout the weekend relating to our children in our arms and in our hearts and the March of Dimes.

ShareUnion is an unique and memorable weekend where you are surrounded by other parents who "get it". We hope you join us!

When: Friday Evening September 27th - Sunday afternoon September 29th, 2013


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    I am so excited about this weekend although nervous at the same time. my hubby is coming but unsure of how much he will choose to participate. I talked to the hotel there is some grass. Around the hotel so i will be bringing my guide dog hope no one is allergic 

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    Getting so excited!!!

  • I am trying to figure out what time I should plan on getting to the hotel on Friday.  I want to make sure I have time to get checked in etc.  since I'm taking the train from Md.  I do have flexibility.  What time do events start on Friday evening so I can plan on my departure time from home.


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    Yep.  :)  As we get closer a specific agenda will be emailed.  For now hold these times...

    Friday evening 5pmish - 8pmish

    Saturday 8 - 5pm and then 7:30-9:00pm

    Sunday 8:30a- 12pm


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    Will there be an itinerary given out? This is my first SU and I live in the area but not sure what time everything is. Just curious.

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    Grandma Mary, I'm very excited to meet you!  You've touched a part of my heart since your first day here.  Don't worry about the tooth, I can stick a piece of lettuce or something over my tooth...we can be twins.

    As for pictures?  I didn't feel comfortable my first year with pictures of Mikey, so I used my dog....I've managed to get over the fear.  He is my son, I am proud.

    Newcomers, I'm very happy you've decided to join us!  Can't wait to see you!!!

  • In reply to Jami H:

    Thanks everyone for being understanding about my tooth issue. Yesterday's surgery went well and I am in a lot less pain then the first time around, but then I was also dealing with the abscess so that might have added to the discomfort.

    I am getting excited about meeting everyone!

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    Grandmamary- By the end of Friday night cocktail hour we'll all be BFF's so I promise you there will be no embarrassment. :)

    As for the Remembrance Ceremony pictures. My first year (last year) I was very reserved about sharing Arianna's photos because I thought that she didn't look as "pretty" as a "normal" baby would to other people so I choose to only share photos of her feet and then one that was of me holding her in a blanket that did not show her. Then during the ceremony I saw all of the other beautiful angels up there and I realized that this was a room full of other angel moms and NICU moms with other perfect angels and I was sad that I didn't share her with them. So this year I will be sharing her beautiful photos for all of my SYS sisters to see. :) Just in case any of my new friends are a little reserved about sharing their photos too.

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    I am super excited for this.  I'm totally ready to cry and get hugs and explore ideas of what I can do with my personal photography project.  

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    Grandmamary:  Like Lauren said, you'll be in a room among friends!  I totally understand, I've had two dental implants done and was toothless for about two years!  Mine was not in the front front but definitely still visible.

    For the pictures, if you are comfortable sending a picture of your angel too then yes we'd love to see it!  If not, you can send a picture of something that represents your angel like some will send a picture of a butterfly.  There's a spot in the remembrance ceremony video to honor our little ones that haven't made it as well.  

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    Grandma Mary,  You'll be in a room among friends. Good luck with Thursday's surgery!

    And you'll be getting an email from Leigh this week with where to send pictures.  :)

  • Another question, who do we send the picture of our angel too? I remember reading something, but can't find the post.

    Yes, Grandma Mary is feeling very scatter brained lately!

  • Hello Ladies:

    I need to tell everyone something so I don't feel so awkward when I come. I am in the process of having a implant done on my front tooth. Surgery for phase two will be on this Thursday. 

    The thing is that I have what they call a "flapper" fake tooth for the time being. The thing is that I can only wear it for so long before it starts to make me gag. At that point I need to take it out and go toothless. Everyone at work knows so, I no longer think about it if it has to come out before the day is done at work. 

    I know we will all be together all day and evening and I have never made it that long wearing the flapper. At some point during the day I will end up having to face everyone without a tooth, which is sort of embarrassing, but i don't want to miss out on things and hide in my room.

    Thanks for your understanding and letting me share this before it becomes a reality in front of everyone.

    Grandma Mary

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    Yes!  Dads are totally welcome, and I think a really unique opportunity to attend as a couple.  :)

  • Cant wait to meet all those who will be coming to their first SU!