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    Tracy, it's coming! :) I have had a yucky cold that is just taking all of my energy lately! I got a steroid shot today, and I feel much better. So I'll get to work ;)

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    Or that I heard on the radio today that we're expecting a cold front... it might dip down to 75... brrrr.... ;)

  • So, you all probably don't want to hear that the high was 75 degrees here today:)

    Stay warm and bundled. Drive safe out there.

  • Leigh~  Where's the new Cafe????  I mean, what have you been doing????  (LOL---seriously, I just read your blog, don't send hate mail!!)

    Cold weather is on it's way for us and I know some of you are already right in the midst of it!  Stay safe everybody!!!  Ya'll might want to pretend you live in the south and just stay home!!

  • Lindsay~  Wow---you have been busy!!!  I'm sure both boys will enjoy the riding lessons again and caring for a horse is a big job, but worth it if they love it!

    My poor Bullogs didn't do well today....a fitting end to a crazy year!  Hopefully next year will be much better with far less injuries!

    Anyone do anything fun for New Year's Eve??  We went to a friend's house and sat by the fire pit until I couldn't stand it any longer....  We got home around 11:00 and finished the night on the couch watching the ball drop in Time's Square.  Pretty low key, but enough I guess.

    I must get off that couch now and get something accomplished......where to start?

  • Stacy - That's the same for me. I have the whole house except for our bedroom picked up. I might try and tackle it tomorrow. Just staying in and watching the ball drop. My boys are teaching me how to play Skylanders and swap characters. These video games hurt my eyes. I'm glad little Isla is able to get some more sleep on her tummy:)

    Tracy - I know, it's going to be hard, but it's time. I guess I'll start small like painting my toes before I tackle laundry or treating myself to a movie alone. I was out and about for a long time today and it felt great!

    I got D enrolled in riding lessons with an extra half hour to learn how to take care of "his" horse. He's going to go the same day as T, so that's perfect. He qualifies with his speech diagnosis. I think it will help him to have an activity and to build confidence. We don't have pets either, so learning to care of an animal will be a good thing. I stood in a very long line at the post office to mail my usual late present to my German host family. I went to two bank branches to try and open this very unique and unpopular college savings account for T, took 2 hours with all of the phone calls, etc. I picked out a new pair of eyeglasses, something I've put off for several years now (yes, for medical for 2013 taxes), picked up dinner, and activated my MOD fundraising page. I'm tired, but feel like I accomplished a lot. Whew!

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

  • Okay Stacy---now I'm feeling a bit pitiful.  You got more done with two small children than I have with absolutely no one here except me.  I'm seriously the most lazy person I know.

    2014 is hours away now......I hope that some faces we haven't "seen" lately will be back on the site.  I miss ya'll!!!  

    Happy New Year!

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    Lindsay:  I'm getting sleep!  It's much easier the second time around with a newborn, you at least know what to expect sleep wise!  We took our tree down on Sunday, they were picking up trees on Monday in our neighborhood.  You have anything planned for New Years Eve?

    Tracy:  I'm not betting on it, I didn't catch her breathing fast at all that night, naturally.  Nor did I hear here squeaking like her airway was being floppy like it usually is.  Seriously, I think these kids purposely behave when someone is watching to make us look bad!javascript:void(0);

    Finally got something done around the house when I discovered she'll stay asleep a lot longer off of my chest when she's on her tummy!  Have the house except our bedroom picked up, hooray!

  • Stacy~  Oh good!!!  I'm glad that they got to move things up a bit.  Poor thing.....I'm not sure how anyone can go through a night with all of that stuff attached.  Hopefully this will give answers for her crazy sleeping and breathing patterns.

    Lindsay~  Self time????  What's that????  LOL!  I hope that you'll be able to get that accomplished.  

    My decorations are still up and I want them down, but am not motivated to get that done......I'm so LAZY!  

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    Stacy - I'm glad to hear that you were able to get in sooner and that she tolerated all of the cords and things. Hope you are managing to get some hours of sleep, enough to stay sane in the meantime. I'm thinking of you all.

    Maria - I'll be thinking of Chris as he gets closer to his appt. I hope you and your boys had a nice holiday. Yes, stay warm:)

    Tracy - I guess the more exercise and getting outside a bit more. If I want to accomplish this, I am going to have to make more time for myself. Hmm . . .

    Holiday celebrations are winding down for us. Tree and decorations are all packed up and the lights on our house are coming down this week. I am sort of relieved it's over.

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    Uh oh, better watch out, I'm venturing to places on Share other than my blog!  Ok, maybe just the cafe.  There was a cancellation so we got Isla's sleep study moved up to last night!  She was a trooper with all the wires they put on her, but the last straw was the monitor they put just under her nose with probes up her nostrils and one hanging over her lip.  She was having none of it, and screamed at me worse than when they clipped her lip tie, arched back and trying to claw me and everything poor girl.  Thankfully she calmed down when I fed her eventually.  We had a rough patch from 2-3 but I eventually got her to sleep on her tummy, figured if she stopped breathing they'd come running since she had all those monitors on her.  So now we sit and wait for two weeks to get the results, assuming nothing major is wrong and they come calling tomorrow.

  • Maria~  I'll definately remember Chris with the upcoming biopsy....and his mommy!  I know those things make us mommies nervous too!

    Christmas has been wild this year.  I feel like I haven't sat still very much at all and it'll soon be time to return to work.  (Blah!)  

    How was everyone else's Christmas??  Any fun plans for New Years???  Resolutions or Goals already set??

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    Hi ladies,

    Just wanted to check in on y'all. Hope you all enjoyed Christmas. The boys had a great time and got lots of gift and this year I think Chris realized Santa is not real, lol. Oh well. I've missed so much lately, just been feeling under the weather not to mention my emotions have been crazy for the past few weeks. Just try to let my boys enjoy the Holidays. Chris will be having a biopsy done in January on his shoulder. Please keep him in your prayers. I will try to catch up as soon as I get a chance. Take care ladies and keep warm!


  • Rebecca~  Yay for the feeding news!!!  You're welcome in the cafe any ol' time, but don't expect us to be serious.....least not all the time!!

    Lindsay~  Hope the eval results come back with great results.  That's great that the same person is getting to see how great the changes are!

    Lorena~  Wow on the wins!!!  I hope that the dinner tomorrow night is great and that the gifts are found in time for Christmas!

    Thanks for assuring me that the Fruit Loops for supper is not going to earn me the "Mother of the Year" award.  

    Two family Christmas gatherings down.....one to go.   It's amazing how fast this all comes and how quickly it seems to pass.  Can't we just slow down????