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    It was 89 degrees here one day already this week. I can't believe that although, I do remember being in our non-heated pool at the end of March last year. Windy here today and they are repaving the neighborhood and did some kind of a treatment. Can't leave the house as they closed the roads. All the neighbors are forced to park away from their driveways. Hubby rode his bike today (usually does 2-3 times per week) as it's only a mile from his job. I am so glad that there weren't any therapies today:)

  • Lindsay~ I don't follow any particular team, but I enjoy pulling for the underdogs!  I think many of the major teams were upset early on and that blew up a lot of brackets!!  

    Why is it that when you have a week off, the week goes so much faster than when you're at work??  It's already Wednesday!!!! 

    Where is everyone else????  Hellooooooo......  Lindsay and I miss y'all!

  • Tracy - That's right:)  Enjoy your Break!

    I'm not a huge basketball fan, but is anyone having luck with their brackets? Over a week ago, someone printed their bb bracket to my computer. I thought, cool, maybe this thing is a winner.  Next thought, uh-oh, our printer isn't secure at all:(

  • Lindsay~  This week is spring break.  The children are at home with their own families which is a blessing since many are confused and scared with the situation.

    That's quite a few events scheduled for this week!!  Whew!

    The cold winds are here today.....Brrrrr!!  Lows are suppose to be in the 20's tonight.  

  • Stacy - Yay! I'm glad that the feeding is better and everyone is happier in that department. Does Elim have favorite sheets/bedding by chance? Hang in there.

    Tracy - I'm sure you'll find a way to get there:)  

    I am so sorry for the news of the little boy. How was today on campus?

    Well, I counted up all of the therapies from last week including make ups from Spring Break and between the two kiddos, I count 13! Yes, that is the record so far. I am going to try not to repeat that in the future. Geez . . .

  • Hey all.....  Spring Break is here!!  As usual, the weather is suppose to be cold again.  Oh well, a cold day off is better than a cold day at work!  

    Stacy~  Too funny on the locked door, but hey---whatever works!  

    I just posted updates on my blog.  Thanks for the prayers!!

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    Nicole:  I still want to see your spring garden!

    Jami: WOW on the swim meets!!  How'd spring break go?  Or is it this week.  Woohoo, less than six months!!  Two years between seeing y'all is far too long!

    Tracy:  He's doing good now.  Mostly because we took all toys he used as keys to get out.  Now the routine is our usual book, prayers, songs then I leave.  I leave his door unlocked, if he comes out once it gets locked.  He's lasted 40 seconds max each time before coming out, once it's locked he goes right to his bed and goes to sleep.  It works for now.  We'll figure out something again when I'm more rested and creative.  Wow, feisty little preemie there, and prayers to the other little boy!

    Lauren:  LOL at Micah's first comments!  I have a friend moving from Guam to North Dakota here in a month or so, her kid is gonna freezer he skinny little behind off!  She's 3 and I think weighs about 21 pounds.

    Breastfeeding is much better, we ended up getting Isla's tongue tie revised again, and she's done incredibly well with it and not acting in pain at all!  So happy finally!  Hoping we can get things in line.  Not much going on this week, having playgroup here on Thursday with some girls from church then Elim has preschool on Wednesday.  That's about it!

  • Lindsay~  We'll have to investigate our accommodations to see what shopping we can arrange!

    Jami~  Woohoo for Spring Break!!!  Yes, we're suppose to get colder weather again next week too....even mentioned snow flurries.....IT'S SPRING!!!  Anyway, better than being at work!!  

    My friend's baby continues to hold her own.  One day this week, she said that they had to put her "back" on the vent....WHAT??  I didn't know she was off!!!  Yes, this little stinker is fighting hard.  I reminded her that vent gives rest and we'll try again soon.  

    Sorry to dump another request on you, but I just blogged about a new need.  I don't want to bring the info to the cafe since this is the fun spot of the site so check it out when you get a chance.  (No it's not too long!)

  • Lauren - Ooh, I bet it was neat for them to see snow:) Maybe M will like it once he gets used to it. Yum, buffet! Hope you ate/drank your money's worth:) It's so nice to see you in the cafe too!

    Jami - Your mom sounds dreamy:) I would so take her up on that offer. I feel like I need another vacation after my vacation. Like I say, same stuff, but in a different location. Hope you get some ME time:)

    Tracy - Aaah, IKEA. Yes, there is one in Tempe (off of the I-10 and Ray Rd.) really close to Chandler/Ahwatukee area, not too far from where we're going to be staying, I think. We're either going to be in Phx or in Tempe. The only other IKEA I know of is in CA and that's 6 hours or so away.

  • In reply to Angel Love:

    Lauren- Aloha! Welcome to the Arctic! :) Luckily we did not get any snow last night and it's in the 50's here today but I have heard a rumor that we will be getting another freeze next week. Just in time for Spring Break. Hope you and the Kiddos are having a good time. We will probably be venturing up that way next week over spring break. When are you heading home?

    Tracy- Bring on Spring break. I am sooo ready. I am sure you are too. I am glad to hear that your friends baby is doing well. Knowing what its like and also knowing the possibilities no doubt makes you just hold your breath. Thinking of you and sending hugs.

    Stacy- I hope the sleep training is going better. I'm sure this will be us with Keira...eventually. lol

    I am looking forward to Spring Break next week. My mom has offered to keep the girls for a few days and I think I might enjoy a few days home with my husband. ALONE. I love my girls but my oh my a break from them would be soooo nice. Sending you all lots of hugs, I can't wait for SU!

  • Lauren~  Welcome to the mainland---where the weather is never predictable and the cold just keeps lingering!  Get those poor babies another layer of clothes!!  I hope you had a great time with your friends.

    Lindsay~  A Share mommy recently made a trip to Ikea which has totally made me want to go....but with her....  I looked online to see if Pheonix has an Ikea, but only Tempe.  Is there another one in the next state over that's close enough to shop while we're there in Sept???Smile

    We've had rain all day long here!!!!  So far the temps aren't too terrible cold with it, but tomorrow the high is suppose to be 43.  That's not cold, but after 70's.....it's a bit chilly! 

    One more week until spring break.......I think I can, I think I can........for those Twitter folks---#can'twait

  • What what?  Posting in the café?!?  What's next!!??

    I miss everyone tremendously!  We randomly decided to hop skip and jump to the mainland and the kids got their first taste of snow.  Micah's very first words when we exited the airport... "Mom it's reeeeaaally cold - I don't like it."

    Stacy- It's so complicated.  And wooo dawgie hats off to you and the Elim sleep routine!

    Tracy-  I'm keeping your friend in my thoughts.

    Lindsay- miss you!

    Jami- did ya get more snow last night?  We did!  

    Today I'm going to eat for 4 hours at an all you can eat amazing buffet with my best girlfriends from HS.. And I'm sure with a mimosa or two!!

  • Stacy~  Sorry for the feeding frustrations.  I didn't get to nurse Ansley very much because of time in the NICU, but I can imagine how frustrating it is.  How's Elim doing this week with staying in his bed? 

    Jami~  That's quite a busy swim schedule!!  Get some rest over Spring Break!

    Lindsay~  Enjoy your break with your little shopper.  Too funny that he's already needing a budget! 

    Friend updates:
      My friend is doing much better after the extra units of blood.  Addison, the  baby, is currently on antibiotics for an infection.  Yesterday, the nurses needed to change her belly line and asked my friend if she wanted to hold her for a while.  Of course the answer was YES!!  She tolerated it well and mommy got some snuggles for the first time!  Hopefully she'll continue to do well.  She's already loving her paci so tiny but mighty! 

  • In reply to Angel Love:

    Stacy- Yes that was for one kid! It was a super busy week to say the least and it's not even close to letting up. We purposely didn't schedule anything think over Spring Break which starts next Friday but as soon as they go back on the 31st all three girls start summer swim.

    Lindsay- So glad you guys are enjoying your spring break. I can't wait for ours to start and not have to get up at 6. lol.

    Nicole- Can't wait to see pictures. I can't even consider starting any gardening because there is still snow on the ground and they are "tracking" another potential storm for Sunday. My kids had a snow day this week on Wednesday because of a storm. This has been the craziest winter ever I think.

  • Stacy after hearing your story about bedtime I went and gave C a big hug.  He never did that.  He would just wake up in the morning stand in the hallway and say I'm awake who want to feed me breafast?

    Tracy I hope your friend and her baby are doing okay.

    When I get a chance I will post a picture of our spring flower garden.  It's been quite week here in our house and the time change is not helping.