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    Hello Ladies!! The May Cafe is open :)


  • Donna - Wow! It sounds like you all had a great time! Urgh, I feel bad. I'm living in this state and I still have yet to visit many of those places you mentioned. One day we'll get there.  Cool that your kiddos got to "test the test." I do miss those Blue Ribbon schools.

    Lorena - The Malaysian plane . . . I'm with you.  I thought Rio 2 wasn't as good the first. Well, I hope that Miss V had a good playdate today with her friend. Yay to you for organizing! That's got to feel good. You have it right - educational therapies:) I hope that the rest of your WE goes well and you all have a happy Labor Day:)

    Last month was Autism Awareness. I thought about posting something, but just didn't. Our Autism Speaks Walk is in October, so maybe then. I'm happy it's Friday. It's been a long week for us.

  • Lindsay: Thank you for your concern, I am fine, it was just a yellow warning here, though I live near a Volcano, more or less 60 miles, it is far from us, here we have 33 volcanos, and most of them are active, so it is "normal" activity.... What plane?  We saw Rio 2, it was ok, but I liked more the first one...

    Donna: wow! that trip sounds wonderful, so glad you had a great time with the kids, egg hunt in the wild, sounds fantastic,  I would have done that sky walk, sounds interesting....

    Tracy: Amen! I also live with that hope, though I have never voice it out.

    Hope your visit to Nature Center was great, ugh egg hunt for 200 kids sounds little chaotic, hope there were enough eggs for all of them, and no sad crying.... (I just can visualize Valentina there with 200 kids and not finding an egg for her, would be a nightmare :-)

    Lauren: so funny, miss V had a laugh with that!

    Stacy: I saw your family pic on FB, congratulations and all of you look great!

    Erin: Hi!!

    Beth: bet you are counting those 27 days, uuff just 20 more days or so....

    Well I have been busy, really busy, working home.... I finally arranged my guest room (AKA storage room) since I just put everything there, that has no specific place in my  home, even the christmas decorations, so all of it is packed and stored in a storage room outside my house, finished organizing my file cabinet, and my office documents, planning to change S room (no more Spiderman for him, by his request, * deep sigh*)  and miss V room (she wants it with Disney Princess) I already have the ideas, and the borders... Finished organizing closets, and I have to admit that putting everything in order is like a relax therapy for me.... my DH jokes that he is afraid I might put a label and pack him too...

    Reassuming my painting lessons.... Taking miss V to karate lessons and swimming lessons, S to educational therapies (forgot the Eng word for that, but you get the idea)... and catching up with my reading... By the way I finished " The secret life of bees"....

    Today and tomorrow is holiday here, labor day, and we have a playdate home tomorrow, miss V best friend is coming to play.... she is thrill.

    Nice WE for all of you, and new month...


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    Hey guys!!

    The trip to the  Grand Canyon was great!! We would change a couple of things (IE spending two nights in Prescott before heading to our next site just outside of Sedona), but overall, amazing. The kids had a GREAT time. We did an Easter egg hunt around the three campsites we had (we went with two other families). Lots of hiking, lots of bike rides, they played in the creek that runs through Sedona, and just relaxing. We did not do the Sky  Walk thing. For people who are afraid to even be near the edge without a railing, walking out over it on glass is not the least bit enticing (neither is the fee they charge to do it).

    Our testing is done. We were one of the states to "test the test". No one complained about it. They thought it was an interesting process all on the computer. We won't get results because it was a trial run.  30 more school days!

    Lindsay - Happy to hear your walk went well, as well as the horse show. That's great!

    Tracy - YIKES!! 200 kids doing an egg hunt in an enclosed area? My head hurts just thinking about it.

    Lauren - HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Miss you friend.

  • I am so miffed about this story involving the 8 year old in Michigan. Urgh. The school is SO incredibly lucky that he was found safely! Lawsuit for sure. Again, these stories are just a tearful reminder of much more education and awareness the community/society needs. It's the kid's fault? No, no it's not. Whole thing just makes me sad and hits so close to home.

    Still no plane . . . I need some happy news.

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    Beth - Hoping the rest of the school year goes by fast for you so that you can be home with your little ones.

    Lorena - Are you staying safe in your area? There were reports of volcanoes last week or so, but I've been hearing of activity in Guatemala. You guys far from that? Are there road closures?

    Lauren - So funny!

    Donna - How was your trip to the Grand Canyon? Did you try the Sky Walk thingy?

    I hope everyone had a nice Easter. Our State testing was last week. D thinks he did okay. We get the results in mid-May. If he passes, we are going to let him chose where he wants to go to school next Fall. Saw Rio 2. It was cute:)

  • Oh my been busy this month getting back into the swing of work still working through why my body fails me when it comes to healthy normal pregnancies. All the more reason to be done 27 days to go. Testing about to kick in gear ready to get on too summer and hopefully better health. It's sad it takes a sick day to catch up

    Tracy god luck on testing a step closer to summer

    Lauren I about died laughing   Needed that humor today

  • Lauren~  I love the cartoon!!!  Makes me laugh every time!

    I hope all of you have had a great day today!  I know that it's a bittersweet day for many of us, but with the truth of Christ's resurrection, we have the opportunity to see our little ones again.  All we have to do is trust in Him!  What a great promise!!


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    Love to everyone!  

    Happy Easter... Happy Passover... I think still one more night...

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    Hi everyone,

    a quick check in ... and wanted to say Happy Easter! Hugs and love to all of you.


  • Wow!!!  I was so excited to see how many posts I had to read through today!  Love a busy cafe!!

    Lindsay~  I can't wait to see the pics of the boys on their horses.  Yay for a great walk too!!

    Lorena~ Frozen in one language is a lot, I'm sure it's a lot of Frozen with her doing it in both languages!!!  I hope things settle down for S.  Yay for you taking the step to know when work needed to take a back seat.  I hope the time home will help get him settled and give you some stress relief.

    Donna~  Bummer that some walkers were missing, but hopefully they're just planning to participate in a different one.....and still are planning to donate!

    I can't remember who kept getting kicked off.......if it continues let one of us know and we can contact our favorite techie Cara to see if it's on our end!!

    Trying for Baby---Can't keep everything straight as far as who's involved, but I hope that the treatments work well this time.  Keep us posted!!  

    Testing began today for the "big kids" at our school, and our 2nd graders were on the move!  Half of our classes when to a nature center while the rest caught and Easter movie and did an egg hunt.  Okay---note to self---egg hunts with 200 kids in a gym are NOT the best!!  By the end of the hunt, the sun was out and the afternoon was beautiful.

    Tomorrow, my group with be off to the nature center and the temps aren't suppose to get out of the 50's!!!  (For those who don't remember.....we've had temps in the high 70's and 80's lately)  I'll break out my coat one more time.......Brrr!!!

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    Lorena - So sweet that Miss V sings in both languages:)  I'm glad that you got out of that office. You have so much going on. I am thinking about you:)

    Donna - Congrats on #1 fundraising team! That's awesome! You're going to have great weather this weekend for your trip. Yay for two weeks off!

    Jami - Happy Birthday to your girls! I bet the cake and cupcakes were super delicious:) You're going to love the sun here. Remember to bring your swimsuit. It's going to be HOT.

    Stacy Z.M. - Thinking of you:)

    Our MOD Walk here in Phx was really nice:) It was an excellent turn out! We walked most of it with the boys with one little detour and spent a couple of hours downtown. Then we drove home real quick, changed clothes, and sped off to the Spring Horse Show. We were there longer than anticipated, but the boys did great! I'll post pics on my blog soon. Last night, D went ice skating for the 1st time! He loved it! We had 3 therapies today, some portfolio projects, and test prep. I will be relieved when this week is over. So nervous for D.

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    Yoo-Hoo Hey family! (My favorite part of Frozen), Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was hectic because of the two older girls birthday party. They had a great time but I was exhausted. I made a large round layer cake and 24 cupcakes. My feet are actually sore from standing on the tile kitchen floor for so long getting everything ready. I'm sure picking up the piano didn't help. Its beautiful and Lexi has already been on youtube trying to teach herself "All of you" by John Legend.

    Stacy- So glad to see an update from you. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the IVF goes well. I am sure the added stress of TTC has been overwhelming.

    Nicole- Don't feel bad, I'm not to tech savvy myself. I usually have Jerry fix my oops.

    Lorena- That is so cute that Ms. V is singing in both English and Spanish. Keira does like the music videos at the end of the movie where they sing let in go in all the different languages. She is my only child that takes an interest in learning spanish. She knows all of her colors, animals. counting etc. She also loves to tell the moon to open his eyes in spanish. Hopefully she will keep with it. Bilingual children are a bit of a rarity anymore (at least where I live). I hope that S starts doing better in school soon. That is a hard age I think for all kids.

    Donna- Glad that you had beautiful weather for your walk. Ours is in less than two weeks and it may snow here again this week! Ugh. Congrats on the top team spot. That's really incredible. Hope all of you guys have a great spring break and a fun trip!

    Lindsay- I can't wait to come out and enjoy some awesome Arizona weather in September. We keep getting nice warm days then rain and now some possible snow again. Yuck. I just want 75 and sunny is that to much to ask.

    Lauren- Helllloooo!! Miss you. :)

    I hope that was everyone. The cafe has been happening the past few days.

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    Hi Aimee!! Miss you too!!

    Lauren - XOXOXOXOXO

    Jami - How did the party go? Yay on the piano!

    Tracy - Praying for a calm testing week with great weather!!

    Lindsay - How was your walk? And how did the horse show go?

    Lorena - So sweet she can sing it in English and Spanish. You should be proud. Sorry to hear S is having a rough year. Fourth Grade has been brutal for us with Ethan. Enjoy the Holy Week break! We're off to the beach today too.

    We had our walk Saturday. It seemed much smaller this year - about half what it had been the last two years. Maybe more people are doing the big San Diego walk in two weeks? Regardless, we had a beautiful morning. Team Roo was acknowledged before the walk as the Number 1 team in San Diego County (for the moment - the #2 and #3 teams walk Balboa Park so they will probably shoot past us over the next two weeks). We have our poker tournament May 10th. Spring Break starts today....two weeks off!!! We're puttering around this week, then leave Saturday for the Grand Canyon. Fun times!

  • Good morning!

    Lindsay: I hope your MOD walk was great, and that you fulfill all your goals, and the boys had a great time! Sorry about the garage sale, but every dime counts right? Hope the boys had a great time at the equestrian olympics,  sounds great that competition and I'm sure want to see pic...

    Tracy:  Tell me about it, since  the first day we saw Frozen miss V has been singing, for me is so cute to hear her sing, though I know it is little annoying for other ppl, to hear her sing the same song all day long.... poor S he tries to avoid any little subject or word that reminds miss V about Let it go song (by the way she sing it in English and Spanish, could I be more proud?) Good luck with the test next week... and the field trips, let us cross our fingers for nice children and great weather for you...

    Donna: nice to read from you, tell me about it! the sidewalk upside walk!!! We are having a terrible school year with S, I don't know if is the age, combine with ADHD and ODD, and some other factors.... our mood is bad, I feel in total panic and worried every day, like what today will bring us? Sorry about Ryley catching viruses hope he is much better now.... Golf... that is interesting...

    Jami: hope Lexi & Alexia Bday party was great !! wow swimming every day is exhausting, and you must feel so proud of Lexi's progress report...

    Aimee: miss you, ages since I don't hear from you....

    Nikki: that is awesome 20 weeks!! hang in there, just another 20 weeks... I know it is so hard a pregnancy after a preemie...

    I quitted my job last week, too much tension, it was going to kill me, besides my kids still need me so much at home, so I think it is a best decision for now... we have the Holy Week holiday this week, we are going to the beach tomorrow... we so much need some peaceful days... weather here is crazy, so hot, over 100...

    Hope everyone has great plans for Easter.....

    Happy week