2014 Share Union Save the Date

Share Union is an amazing opportunity to connect with other parents who are learning to live their "new normal". Whether it be an unexpected NICU stay, the loss of a child or the day to day challenges of raising a child with special needs, Share Union is an event where others just simply "get it". Attendees with have two and a half days to connect with other mission parents as well as attend workshops that will help parents use their stories to move forward, heal and help others.

In this forum you can ask questions, leave comments and get to know some of the members you will be meeting at this incredible event.


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  • Record breaking rain here in the Valley of the Sun today. Hoping that all of this crazy weather will happen this week and clear up in time for SU:)

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    I registered :-) I'm sooooo happy that SU is in my time zone finally!

    I need a roomie please.


  • HAH!  Just learned the link on the homepage is the registration link.  Oops! :)

    So here is the link for folks: www.formstack.com/forms  If it doesn't work, click the "Learn more" on the top of the home page.  :)

  • 116 wow it was 105 with heat index here yesterday and was almost unbearable!!!  Hoping its cooler by Sept!  


  • Just a little weather update for those wondering just how hot it might be in the Valley of the Sun . . . we broke a record here this past Thursday. It was 116 degrees! It won't be this warm for SU and I will be sure to keep you updated as your departure dates approach:)

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    Hi Karen,

    Welcome back! I remember you from my first SU in Houston in 2008!  

    Jami and I will be sending out much more information in the next week or so. For now, we have your registration info. You have the dates and the place. :)

    Do you have any other specific questions?



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    Thanks Lauren.  I am really trying to make this happen this year.  My family lives in Chandler-Gilbert area and I'm going down next weekend to see my new nephew.  I think I can justify the expense of seeing my family again as well as catching up with some friends!  

  • So looking forward to seeing everyone.  


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    Karen- long time!!  I don't think any other info is posted yet- but I'm sure it's coming down the pipeline in the next week or two.  So nice to see you here!! The new format does take some getting used to- there will be workshops at SU on it!  :). And of course James is still around!  :)


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    I am thinking I might be able to swing this one. I'm not active on

    Share anymore but still keep in touch with many

    Of you. I need more info!  Sorry I'm not used to this new format yet and I'm still

    kind of old school.  James SooHoo still around?  I need help!  Lol

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    Lindsay - please say it cools down for September :).  Dry heat is good I guess, at least my hair won't frizz, but 108 - yikes!  I don't think I've ever been in 108 degree temperatures. I complain when it's over 90 here in NY (but of course I complain when it's cold in the winter too, so I guess I just complain a lot ;))

    Regardless of the temperature, I am super excited for SU!  (and I can always stay in the air conditioning).

    Can't wait to see everyone!


  • Hello fun seekers! Just a little update. We are now just 90 days away until SU 2014! Today, the high in Phx was 108, but remember that it's a dry heat:)


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    Woot!  Woot!!!!  I'm coming!!!  Excited about getting to see a new city!

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    I'll be there! My mom is already lined up to watch the girls while I take off for Arizona. Can't wait! And I see that there is a non-stop from and back to Pittsburgh. yahoo!


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    Ooohhh getting excited since I missed 2013 with being pregnant but so ready to go ask for the personal day