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    Liz, Happy Birthday to your sweet Mikey- I can not believe he would be 11!!  Where does the time go.

    Do I live close... weeeeelllll yes.  Only 100 so odd miles... trouble is most of them you would traverse in nautical miles over the ocean.  ;)  Honolulu is on Oahu- not my rock :)

    Lindsay- That's sounds like a nice balance of busy and relaxing!

    Tracy- Right?  Slow and low that is the tempo! ;)

    I have good intentions of updating my blog sometime this year.... ;)  Got birthday's coming up - Hotel trip for Akeelah's and Frozen theme for Makaela.

  • Lauren~  Love the slow go way of life lately myself!!  I usually get up with some idea of something fun to do, but think of the "work" that it includes and decide against it.  LOL!!

    Liz~  Congrats on your nephew!  Glad mom and baby are doing well.  That mag is a beast!!!  Ask your boss if you can bring a friend to HI!!!!

    Lindsay~  Sounds like ya'll have a busy, but fun summer planned!  Nothing wrong with that.

    I guess the rest of the SYS gang are out and about with fun summer plans too!  

  • Liz - Congrats on being an Auntie! Still, it's got to be hard with the timing and all. I'll be thinking of you as you remember your sweet Mikey this week and always. Trips away to tropical islands or amusement parks sound perfect:) Hugs!

    We finished up the school year and had our first week off. It's nice:) Our summer is going to be filled with therapies, horse camp, social skills camp, lots of POOL time, movie pass, library, and probably a lot of BBQ:)

  • ps-hi Lauren!  I've a question for you....

    Do you live near Honolulu-96813?  We have an office there and I think I will be traveling with my bosses, not sure on dates, but would love to see you!

  • Hey, hey ladies!

    Mikey's birthday was yesterday and I just sit here and ride out the week until the 6th being his death day.  He'd be 11 this year.  Could you imagine?  

    Going to the zoo this weekend, went to kennywood last weekend, Tori had a blast.  

    I'm not sulking or crying, yet.  Maybe this will be a good week?  With every negative comes a positive, right?

    Momma misses her baby boy.  Talk soon!

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    Liz- Congrats!!  Hope she is off the mag soon and feeling better!

    Tracy- HAH I read your post... 3 day weekend.. there's another one!?! No... it's just been that slow around here!  Totally my speed!

    Erin- I really have no idea where all the years have gone!! Congrats!!

    Hello everyone!!

  • Hey.  I'm a new Aunt!

    Baby is good.  Boy, 8lbs, 13oz's 23" long.  Baby got discharged yesterday, mom will get discharged today or tomorrow.  3 blood transfusions and she's still on the mag drip.

    All is well!

    Talk soon-


  • Jess~  There's no shame in reading my posts in my accent.  I read your posts in your accent!!  LOL!!!  

    Erin~  I just commented on your blog, but seriously....I can't believe it's time for preschool to end of Miss K.!!  

    Liz~  I hope your sister is doing okay.  Update us when you can.

    Okay---what fun things do ya'll have planned for this long weekend??  No special plans here, but let's not forget those that gave their life for us to be able to enjoy our time with family!!

  • Erin - She's adorable! Hugs to you as this is a big milestone for all of you:) I still remember your post sharing about her birth . . . and now a preschool graduation:)

    Liz - Thinking of you and your sister. Keep us posted when you can.

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     Liz: Dan didn't mention anything to me, so I'll have to ask him. You are more than welcome to call the girls by name. See ya next week ... you mean in two weeks for the walk?

    Tracy, Lindsay, Lorena and others: Hi!

    Well, my rainbow girl is growing up! She graduated from preschool this past Thursday. I was OK for her grad ceremony, but having a harder time with it now. She's done with preschool ... another milestone in her life. I've complained about having to run all over with drop offs and pickups back and forth to school, but I think I will miss it! I will miss her teacher, etc. Sigh...

    I hope everyone has a nice long weekend. Beautiful here ... lots of outside time planned.


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    ps-Erin, I saw Dan and the girls last week.  I think at walmart maybe it was giant eagle then a half hour later at the cranberry library.

    I called him Mr. Hart....hahahah.  I didn't want him thinking I was a looney tune saying hi to the girls by name.  See ya next week!

  • Ladies, I need your help!  Prayers of every possible kind.  My sister has been in labor since yesterday, they enduced her due to pre-e around 10 last night and her platelet count is so low right now, they are prepping her for a C-section.  I will update later, but, please, send some prayers up!

    Thanks and love-

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    Tracy - Happy end of school year to you and Ansley!

    Jessica - Hi:)

    Erin - Hi:)

    Lauren -Hi:)

    Donna - Good to know that you are safe:) So scary!

    Lorena - I am sorry for the difficult school year. It can be so draining. Sounds like you went to an interesting conference. It so helps to be around other people who understand this other journey and who also have knowledge of that diagnosis. I went to one this weekend as well about disability benefits, estate planning, and guardianship. We have many years before some of this, but good to stay informed. I's say most of the parents had teenagers, but there were a handful with younger ones too who also wanted to know about future services, etc.

    Really good documentary called Rachel Is. It was featured on PBS on a program called America Reframed. Anyway, the timing of the conference and the air date of the film was interesting. So much to learn, so much information to digest.

    Last week of school for us although T has 2 more weeks with his online program. My little Itzy Ritzy fundraiser brought in another $155. Small, but I'm smiling:) A lot of changes with therapy schedules happening, so it's like starting over completely.

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    Is it normal that I read your posts with your accent? ♥ miss you