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    Hey ladies the July Cafe is now open. :)


  • Lindsay~  Guess enough relaxing is good for anyone.  They do ask some ridiculous questions!!!  

    Thanks for the well wishes!  Today was my last dose of Prednisone so hopefully I'll start feeling a bit more "normal".  

    Off to get this house a bit straightened......in theory!

  • Tracy - Glad you are feeling better:)

    Lauren - Thinking of you and sending you hugs!

    I went to my doctor for my annual. No biggie. I sort of laugh at some of the questions I'm asked. My BPs were GOOD, like the best they've ever been! I think my doc was kind of annoyed as there should be more wrong with me due to my weight. I go back in 6 months.

  • Ahhh......hey ya'll!!  I got locked out of the site somehow and with all of the craziness that surrounds me, it took 2 days for me to try it again!  Sending love to Cara and James for getting me all fixed up!!

    Yes, the reaction rash is gone and the prickly feelings in my hands, feet, and lips is gone too!  Now, to get rid of those things means steriods---prednizone---interrupted sleep, heartburn, and no appetite, but always hungry.  I tell ya---I'm going to be happy when I get done with the next 2 days of meds!!  

    Maria~  It takes us about 5 hours to get to the beach.  Remember, it takes us an hour to get to the interstate from my house so ya'll make better time because it doesn't take you as long to get to the "fast roads"!!    I say YES--go back for his birthday.  By then, the rates will be cheaper, and the temperatures will still be warm enough for fun .

    My nephew is playing on our county's Little League All-Stars team again this year and had his first game today.  Score a WIN for us---15-2!!!  They played great!!  Now let's just hope that tomorrow's game will go just as well and we can stay in the winner's bracket!!

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    Tracy - I hope you are both feeling better and the yuck feeling is gone. Hope the labs are okay too. Any particular b-day theme she's hinting at?

    Maria - I know it's HOT and humid where you are. We have the dry heat. It's fine until the hot winds kick in and then you feel like you're in an oven. Good times:) I hope that you will be able to get back to the beach for his b-day if that's a possibility. There's just that special something about the beach:)

    We moved two therapies to a clinic we've been going to for a little over a year. It's familiar, bigger waiting room, tables, books and toys for the kiddos, and wi-fi:) Found another clinic for additional therapy that's on the way to another weekly activity, so right now, the therapy situation is dare I say . . . handled.

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    Tracy- Holy crap, I hope you're feeling better! Ugh, my nephew became very sick on our trip and ended up in the ER at Myrtle Beach, he had a virus and a really bad cough, now that we are back home he's all of the sudden just fine. ??

    We had a good time other than that, I'm still tired though, don't even know why. How many hours is MB from your house? We have to drive 6 hours. And Chris is begging to go back soon next month for his birthday. We did that last year, went twice and he's trying to convince us carrying around his life jacket, lol. These kids.

    Lindsay- Hope therapy at the new place is going well. :)


  • Lindsay~  I hope all is well with the little men in your life this summer!  I'm sure ya'll are staying busy with all of the fun camps and therapies that are set up.

    Maria~  HOT is right!  I hope Chris' appt. went well and that ya'll are enjoying the beach.  I just got back from Myrtle Beach on Friday and it was a great getaway!!  You'll have to check out my blog to get the full scoop!  

    Should I be alarmed???  My child is feeding the dog from her mouth!  One half of the chip in her mouth and the rest sticking out for the dog.  Seriously!!!!!

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    Maria - So good to hear from you! I hope the appt. for Chris went well this morning. Yay for summer vaca and a trip away:) The beach sounds really good right about now. Yeah, T was seeing the same therapist for two services for almost 2 years. We had an issue with the clinic and as hard as it was to leave the therapist, it was for the best. Sometimes the longer drive is worth it for more quality care:). Have fun and enjoy your vacation:)

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    Hi ladies!

    I will try to keep up with this thread.....

    I hope you all are doing well. We are doing good. Chris is out of school and they are both driving me nuts, but I should be okay.

    Jami- Yay for vacation! I know what you mean. Nothing like coming back to a clean home. We leave for vacation in exactly one week. We're headed back to Myrtle Beach and I haven't begun packing, ugh. Just the thought of it makes me tired lol.

    Tracy- Sound like you've been busy in this hot hot weather. I'm really hoping for colder temps, even though I was wishing for Summer during the Winter storm. Glad everything is going well for yall. :)

    Lindsay- I bet switching clinics is a pain! I wanted to find a new ped a couple months ago but after looking around I sort of gave up. I hate the long drive but its been the same clinic since Chris was born so part of me felt sad about it. Good luck with everything.

    Chris has an appointment with the dermatologist tomorrow, the bump on his shoulder is coming back, some days its soft some days it feels hard, no pain though and we've been keeping it protected from the sun. I'm nervous but hoping for good news.

    Goodnight ladies!

  • Tracy - The camps sound fun:) Tennis is such a fun sport! LOL with all of that glue!

    Jami - Have a wonderful vacation!

    We switched one of the clinics we go to over a month ago. I've been searching and calling around. I think we finally have it all worked out now:)

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    Jami~  In the midst of all that packing and cleaning at home, you've provided us with a nice clean cafe' too!!!  Thanks girl!!!  I hope you have a great vacation.

    Day 4 if Bible school arts and crafts......one more to go.  Nothing like tons and tons of kids with GLUE!!!  

    Day 3 of tennis camp.....going pretty well!  She enjoys the tennis part of it, but hates the stretches and warm-ups.  Yes, really!  Today, one of the writers from local paper came to interview them.  Ansley swears she's going to be famous!  

    Hope everyone is finding time to relax a bit.

  • Hello Everyone!

    I hope you are all having a great start to summer. It has been hot here which I swear I will not complain about after the winter we had. lol. We are getting ready to leave for vacation and as you can imagine packing the car for 6 people is a chore. Not to mention I am a little OCD and refuse to come home to a dirty house or sheets that aren't fresh.  I drive myself crazy. Luckily my mom is here to help.

    Miss you guys!