Who's Who at SU?

Please take a moment to introduce yourself, tell us where your from, why you are attending Share Union, how many Share Unions you have attended and anything else  you want us to know! We look forward to seeing you in Arizona!

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    Hi!  I'm Marissa.  I've been a member of Share since 2009 and this will be my second Share Union.  I am the mommy to boy-girl twins, born at 26 weeks.  My angel baby girl passed away at 3 days old.  My miracle son spent 101 days in the NICU and just started 1st grade!  And I have a full termer rainbow baby boy who is now 3.5.  I am very much looking forward to all the healing, hugs, laughs and even the tears, and to spending a weekend surrounded by wonderful people who just get it. 

    Can't wait to see everyone!

  • My name is Michele and I cannot wait to see everyone at the special ShareUnion!  Who would have thought we would be celebrating 10 years?!?  I am mom to Amanda (my 26 wrk, now 16 years old), Brandon and Chris as well as wife to Bill!  I am blessed beyond belief and Share has definitely been a life line for me over the years.  I haven't been active over the past few years, but I have made life long friends through SYS.  

    For those of you who are new, we all were new at one time so we get it!  Trust me, you will feel loved and accepted immediately!  If you don't, find me!  :)

    See you soon!!!


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    Hi Leigh, thanks for your response. We look forward to meeting you next week!

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    I look forward to meeting you guys. We don't have a lot of dads that attend but we have had some in the past and they seemed to have gotten a lot out of it. I completely agree that dads grieve too. I know that 6 years later my husband still grieves our daughter.


  • Hi everyone!

    I am so excited to see so many posts here, so that we all kind of "meet" one another ahead of time.

    For those of you with recent losses and/or fresh out of the NICU, you will feel at home at SU, and be surrounded by so many who "get" the road you are walking.

    Erin, I hope that your husband will not feel out of place, we welcome anyone and everyone! It's just that many of our husbands (mine included) stay home due to work or to take care of other kiddos. I wish my hubby could join us, it is so incredibly healing.

    See you all in one week!!


  • Hi, my name is Erin. My daughter Sarah was born this spring at 23 weeks 6 days. I lost her to a disease called NEC when she was two months old. This will be my first Share Union. My husband Ryan will be coming with me. It doesn't look like too many dads attend so I hope he won't feel out of place! But dads grieve, too. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

  •  Name: Erin

    From: Pittsburgh, Pa.

    I found Share by accident in 2007 a few months after my twin sons, Ethan and Casey, were born and passed at 22w5d. In 2008, when I learned SU was being held in D.C., I swallowed my courage and attended. This will be my 7th.

    Share has been an incredible part of my healing over the last seven years -- and continues to carry me through my rough moments, especially now as I watch my two rainbows -- Kaelin (5 1/2) and Kelsey (3) -- grow up too fast.


  • Hi Parents of Preemies!!

    My name is Nellie, I live in Mesa, AZ and will be attending the ShareUnion next weekend.  I have 11 month old twin girls that were born at 24 weeks and 5 days.  They spent 126 days in the NICU and were discharged in February.  I look forward to meeting all of you and being surrounded by those of you who "get it".  <3

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    I will be in Phoenix!!!  Woohoo!!!

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    Gah, the 64mb photo limit kills me every time.  Anyhoo.  Hi There, I'm Lauren and I'm pumped that Phoenix is only one plane ride away!!  This will be my 7th SU and my first since 2008 where no kiddos will be coming along either in my tummy or in my arms, so that's exciting and nerve wracking all at once!  Hello Sabrina Swinger!!

    As always I am excited to see old faces and welcome new ones.  It's sure to be a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

  • My name is Erika and Im from Los Angeles, CA. I will be attending my first Share Union this year and I am looking forward to it very much. I lost my 2month old daughter this past March due to complications that came with her being born at 24 weeks and it's been very hard dealing with. I can't wait to be surrounded by other moms who "get it." Excited to meet you all!Big Smile

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    I am not sure I will be at Share Union this year, but I am hoping!!  That  said, I am going to go ahead and post in here!

    Name:  Aimee Perry (aka aileigh)

    From:  Kentucky

    I hope to be attending Share Union because it is great to be able to be around so many people who get it!  I have learned so much from the past 6 Share Unions I have attended (yes this will be my 7th if I make it) and the connections in person instead of online are so much better.  I keep thinking it can't get any better and every single year it does.  Our planning committee rocks!!

    I have been a member of Share since 2006 but not always active on the site.  But I know that when I need you guys, you are ALWAYS here for me!!

    Keep your fingers crossed that I can make it!  (I might be the comedic relief that you are looking for!)

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    I'll go ahead and introduce myself..... I'm hoping (crossing my fingers) to see you all next month!

    Name: Maria

    From: Georgia

    My name is Maria. I joined Share in 2005 after looking my first born at 22 weeks. I have a 36 weeker and a 38.4 weeker. Share has been a lot of help to me and so have the wonderful people I have met through this website. Through my ups and downs this is the place I know I can come to and always feel welcomed and understood. I have been to 3 Share Unions and this one falls right before my Angel's Angelversary which is Sep. 23rd. If this is your first SU you will not be disappointed. The experience is amazing and everybody is so welcoming and so understanding. I'm looking foward to meeting, welcoming and seeing you all soon!

    Maria Guzman

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    Name: Donna Schweitzer (Donna S)

    From: California

    This will be my ninth SU. Yes, I've only missed one (and trust me, it was such an empty feeling to not be there that  year). No two are alike, every one is treasured. I joined Share in January 2005, when my 26-weeker, Ryley, was 4 years old. I have two full-termers, Grace (12 years old), and Ethan (10 years old). We've lived our journey here for 9 years.  Share has been my lifeline for so long, and I don't know what I would do without the friends I have met through Share and ShareUnion. It is one weekend you will laugh til  you cry, and then just plain cry. Every year I find healing, comfort, support, encouragement, and the relief of knowing every person there understands.

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    Name: Jennifer Jones

    From: Los Angeles, CA

    This will be my 5th SU. My son is a 23 weeker, now 14 years old. He spent 94 days in NICU. My daughter was a termie thanks to p17 shots. I have one angel baby (11/6/12).  SU is a place where I can be myself. No one judges me because of my special needs kiddo. I can talk about my angel baby and about fertility issues and everyone understands.