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    Tracy- Yes, we've been keeping warm! Halloween was kinda lame with the rain, ugh! But we did get to go to Fright Fest at Six Flags with the boys on Friday, just for little while cause it was freezing, crowded, too much going on. We didn't get any snow, it would've been nice though. Yes, my sister says I'm funny when I'm scared, holy crap never again. Well maybe next year but with the hubby. My sis said she hugged the guy in front of her she was so scared and the guy's girlfriend was also hugging him, lol. I cracked up!

    Lindsay- That's too hot for me. If it will stay 50-60 that would be great. Hope yall had a great Halloween!


  • Lindsay~  BRRR.......  Some areas an hour away from me woke up to SNOW this morning!!!  We just had 30's!!!  Let me just say....#1.  It's NOVEMBER 1st!!!  #2.  It was in the mid 80's earlier in the week!!!!  Not sure how long this is suppose to last, but good grief--my heat has been on all day!!

    Maria---Staying warm???

    Okay Jami!!!!!  Time to change the cafe' !!!!  This one is full of trick-or-treat candy paper now!!!  

  • Maria - Glad he gets to keep the toofer. The boys will have such a fun time tonight! I bet they are so excited! Very cool for speaking at the upcoming summit. You'll do great! I hope you get that cup of coffee so you can get the list done and have some you time:)

    Tracy - There's lots happening on your school's campus this week:) Hubby's school had testing all week long. Swim season is almost over. So happy about that although he did come home and tell me about another coaching opportunity... for Club Swim. Hmmm, perhaps the social outlet for both our kiddos. We'll see what happens there. Hope you are ready for those cooler temps. Our grocery store kept all of the pumpkins inside it was so warm. It's still 92.

    T lost his second tooth this week! He pulled it out himself. Geez! Tooth fairy came and he's so excited to get out tonight. Hubby and T went to the Suns basketball opener this past Wed. He had fun! Loves the fast pace of basketball:) Boys are dressing up this morning to the therapy offices, maybe Science Center, social group, then Trick-or-Treating.

  • Maria~  Yes, those girls are super nice and helpful when it comes to getting mission families involved!!  I'm proud of you for speaking at the summit.  You'll do great!!!  

    Woohoo for John getting to keep the tooth and there being no symptoms!!  It's been Red Ribbon Week (Drug Free Week) at our school and with all the Halloween hype and the theme days, I'm about to lose my sanity!!!  Glad the boys had a good time at the Trunk-or-Treat!  Now, for the haunted house.....I don't do them myself, but I love imagining you going through one!!!  You're so low-key that I'll bet you're hilarious when you're scared!!

    Guess I have to be ready for the chilly temps this weekend!!  Such a sudden change from the mid 80's that we had earlier in the week!!!  

    Okay----so I still hear crickets chirping!!!  Someone get on Facebook and shoo some of our folks back over to the site.  Facebook is suppose to lead others to this site not keep them away!!!  

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    Lindsay- Ugh! I don't like Christmas either! I hope things settle down for you. I would have needed a drink afterwards too!

    Tracy- Getting ready for the cold weekend? I went to the Georgia MOD office last week. They asked me if I've met you. I said of course! I'll be speaking at the Prematurity Awareness Summit next month. I'm soooo nervous! Julie and Leigh were so welcoming and nice, they made me feel so comfortable, I'm still nervous though, lol.

    Soooo.... John's tooth was not pulled out, for now. Still no symptons so we are holding off. The boys' had a great time at the Trunk-or-Treat, I was tired at the end but it was very fun. I made goodie bags for Chris' class and he will be giving those out tomorrow and I guess it's just trick-or-treating in out neighborhood, we usually go where my parents live but I think we will just go knocking on our neighbors' doors tomorrow night. I went to my first ever haunted house last night with my sister and holy crap never again! Today's just been a hanging around the house kind of day, made cinnamon rolls, and getting ready to make dinner. Ugh! I need some coffee.

    Hope you all are enjoying with the kiddos, have fun and stay safe tomorrow!


  • Tracy - I know:) Crickets! Maybe they are all getting massages from the cabana boy?

  • Lindsay~  Boo for a snotty attitude with the teacher!!  Glad you got that straightened out.  That's funny about the great reminder of the beverage waiting for you at home!!  Sometimes after a long day a reminder of a reason to smile is so needed!

    Where is everyone???  My post was on the 22, Lindsay's on the 24 and 26th???  Is there an October Cafe and someone forgot to tell me and Lindsay where it is???

  • Had the chat with D's teacher. She asked him some content questions. She acknowledged the situation and said she'd let him into the lesson if a few minutes behind schedule. I didn't say much. I still might forward emails to Sped Dept though.

    Today, I went to two little mini conferences. The first was a training overview for helping kiddos on the spectrum with transitions. The next was on bullying prevention. Well, usually these meetings are adults only, but someone brought a newborn. I wanted to run away, but I so desperately need recert hours, so I stayed. Six hours later and as I was waiting to make a legal u-turn, the light rail whizzed by me with Coors Light advertising all over it. It was the silver bullet! That made me smile and I did break open a cold one when I got home. That along with pulled pork sandwiches, yum!

  • Urgh, I am a bit frustrated with D's teacher. I am juggling several schedules here. I try to make it work. I had T's 14-15 therapy schedule in place several months before I obtained the Live Lesson schedule from D's teacher. As soon as I received it (and had been requesting it ASAP to see the overlaps or conflicts), I let D's teacher know that we'd have a standing conflict on Wednesdays as we are just arriving home from yet another therapy. She had sent an email out last week letting students know that she would not allow students into session after the session starts. I guess I should have sent a reminder email, but since we've been arriving a few min late since August, I didn't think it was an issue. Urgh. I jammed home and we were 5 min late. He requested entry and he was declined. Participation points are huge, so missing isn't good. I was miffed though. Seriously?! I sent her a nice email and forwarded the other two I had sent earlier in September about our time crunch which she had acknowledged. And she's soon to go on maternity leave... She just shared that with everyone last week. I am trying to be forgiving, but I don't love Christmas. We have everything in D's planner for all school personnel to view. She knew our situation. I can't chalk it up to pregnancy brain. Plus, D has an IEP. So, she is denying a Spec Ed kiddo the chance to participate with his peers? Great.

    Needed to vent. I get to chat with her this morning too. I am so looking forward to it. Can you tell?

  • Maria~  Yikes!!  Your household sounds like mine.  If something weird can happen, then it will!  Hope the dentist appt goes well for little man.  Trunk or Treat sounds like a fun idea for the school to do.  Not so much for the volunteers, but fun anyway.  

    Lindsay~  Good idea on snagging deals after Halloween!  I'm always so stressed out by Halloween.  I was as a kid and now I am as a parent!!  

    Stressful does not even begin to describe my day today.  My students are still struggling to remember basic routines and procedures, our reading coach and a consultant was observing in my room today to see what strategies we need to use to get these kids caught up, and later one of my administrators walked in to do an observation at the same time that a volunteer walked into my room to read with my kids.  I NEED SOMETHING STRONG!!!!  

  • Maria - Oh no! Good that you took your little one in! I hope that he's feeling better. Thanks for the reminder to get flu shots. Both had mist last year... Hubby already got his last week with annual check up. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow for that dental visit. Never fun. It's hard to keep kiddos still for those appts. too. You are so good for volunteering:) I hope everyone comes home so you can tag team it without snags.

    There was an indoor Trick-or-Treat thing this past weekend at T's peds office. He LOVED it and wanted to do more. He is so excited to get out there again! He is hooked! I know the boys want to be Skylander people, but I sort of buy next year's costumes the day after Halloween. I have been at Target on 11/1 for the past few years and scored great deals! I think they will go as Star Wars characters again. They fit perfectly this year with a little more height. I hope to find some good buys, but as 11/1 falls on Saturday, there will be other crazy moms armed and ready with carts to fill. It is SO much fun!

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    Hi ladies!

    Jami- I don't mind at all. I know you've been crazy busy, hope you got all your appointments out of the way. I can wait till the Turkey one. :)

    Lindsay- How sad! I agree with Tracey I hope the kids that knew him are able to get lots of comfort. :(

    I have been so darn stressed out today! Been up since 3 am with John, made a 8am trip to the ped's office and then headed to the ER afterwards for tests. Turns out he had some kind of reaction to the FluMist, ugh never never again! They got it on Friday and he's the only one that was feeling crappy, Chris only got a runny nose but John started throwing up white foam yesterday and ped said it was ok to give him med for the fever but then this morning he was in so much abdominal pain and we hardly slept so we went to get him checked out, he's doing a little better today and we were even able to have lunch with my parents but boy am I tired. I was freaking out cause of the tooth think but dr said he has no infection that she can see so we're headed to the dentist on Weds if he's feeling better cause he's getting 3 cavities filled in and he has to get that laughing gas and baby blanket ahhhh! I need a break, send over the Cabana boy please!

    What plans do yall have for Halloween? I'm doing goodie bags for Chris' classmates and this Friday there will be a Trunk-or-Treat at his school and since I'm in PTA I will be volunteering. Hubby better be home on time to watch the kids over there for me or else I will not be happy, lol. Can't imagine volunteering and watching the boys at the same time.

    Ok gonna catch some Zzzz's.

    Goodnight ladies,


  • Jami~  I wasn't quite as blunt this time as I was for September.  That's why you didn't notice it.  If you look back in the early days of October I made a smarty pants comment on what the date was!!  LOL!!  Really, I like seeing my name up there!!

    I'm with Lindsay, I can work with it either way.  

  • Jami - I don't mind looking at the cactus for a few more weeks:) It could be nice to see pumpkins so we can post our l'il ones, but it's whatever. What are your girls dressing up as this year?

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    I can't believe Tracy didn't remind me that the September Cafe is still up! I think as this point I'm probably just going to leave it up and make a new one in November?? Unless you guys want a short halloween cafe? Let me know and I'll get on it!


    p.s. miss and love you all