Agenda for Share Union 2014

Friday, September 19th

5:00 pm           Family Engagement Video Project

7:00 pm           Registration Opens

                        Welcome and Cocktail Hour

7:30 pm           Welcome to ShareUnion 2014

                        Judi Gooding

9:00 pm           Gathering on Hotel Patio


Saturday, September 20th

8:00-9:00 am               Registration/Breakfast

9:00-9:15                     Welcome and Opening Remarks

                                    Jami Haddock and Leigh Townsend, (SYS) co-chairs

9:15-10:30                   Keynote Address: Finding Your New Normal

                                    Kevin Bracy - Motivational Speaker, March of Dimes Volunteer

10:30-10:50                 HOPE: Helping Other Parents Endure

                                    Jill Birtch, NICU Family Support Specialist, Arizona State Chapter

Caralee Lubbering, NICU Family Support Volunteer, Arizona State Chapter

10:50 – 11:00             Break

11-11:30 am                Promoting through Social Media

                                    Dana Schweer, Manager, Marketing and Communications

11:30-12:30                 Delays and Disabilities: Your Sensory Special Child

                                    (Concurrent Session)

                                    Barb Carr, Director, Pregnancy and Newborn Health Education Center

11:30-12:30                 When Someone Asks: Your Story of Loss

                                    (Concurrent Session)

Melissa Middleton, MSW

Jami Haddock, SYS co-chair

12:30-1:30pm              Lunch talk: Peristats 

                                    Rebecca Russell, Director, Perinatal Data Center

Saturday, September 20th


1:30- 2:30 pm              Making the Best of ShareYourStory - For Rookies

(Concurrent Session)

                                    James Soohoo, SYS Community Host, and Lauren Wilson, SYS Volunteer

Making the Best of ShareYourStory - For Veterans

                                    (Concurrent Session)

Cara McLaughlin, Manager, Digital Products, and Stacy Schulz, SYS Volunteer

2:30-2:50 pm               Yoga Stretch

                                    Kristy Clay, Fit4Mom

2:50-3:00 pm               Break                         

3:00-4:00 pm               Families: The March of Dimes Volunteer in Historical Perspective

                                    Judi Gooding, Vice President, Signature Programs

4:00-4:30 pm               Call for Volunteers

                                    Jami Haddock and Leigh Townsend

4:30-5:30 pm               Breakout Sessions (Optional)

Practically Perfect in Every Way– Connect with parents living their new normal with a child with an ongoing medical condition, developmental disability or birth defect (facilitated by Jill Birtch and Leigh Townsend)

Emotions After the NICU– Connect with parents coping with the emotional aftermath of the NICU, even when your child is doing ‘fine.’ The NICU experience affects us all. (facilitated by Melissa Gehl and Donna Schweitzer)

Living with Loss– Connect with parents who are struggling to navigate their new normal after a loss. (facilitated by Melissa Thompson and Jami Haddock)

7:30 pm                       Remembrance Ceremony    

                                    Rebecca Russell                     

Sunday, September 21st


8:00-9:00 am               Breakfast

9:00-10:00 am             Why You Matter: March for Babies

Heather Peloquin, Community Director, Arizona State Chapter

10:00-11:45 am           Sharing Your Sand Story (or other interactive healing activity)

                                    Melissa Thompson

11:45-12:00 noon        Closing and Lunch

                                    James SooHoo