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    Hello Ladies. The January cafe is now up.


  • Maria - Sorry you lost your voice. Hope you're staying warm and drinking hot yummy beverages and feeling better soon. We stayed close to home for the holiday and it was great:) Got a lot of chores done around here during Break and just trying to get organized a little more this year. I even scheduled my next wellness visit for mid-June! It's been relaxing these past two weeks. I wish it didn't have to end. Next week is school, live lessons, therapies, and a whole lot of driving. Come on Spring Break! Before that there's MLK and President's Day to look forward to:) My kiddos had a play date today with a shared best buddy. They talked Teap Team stuff and music:) Hubby and D are off to a blood drive tomorrow. Just T and I for half of the day:) Maybe I'll get a turn at Trap Team and he can teach me how to play:)

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    Lindsay- Yes my mom likes to host parties. I get sooooo tired! Our family is huge too so the between the cooking, cleaning, and partying in between it all its too much for me. I've been sick too, lost my voice and felt so crappy but I still managed to bake some really good cupcakes that were a total hit. I felt so proud of myself. Hubby got me my kitchen aid  artisan mixer I been wanting for Christmas so it was good to put that to use. What did yall do?

    Tracy- Yay! I'm so glad your nephew is doing better. :) Omg tell me about the tree task, we will be doing that after the 6th. We have one more Holiday tradition so we have to keep it up. We bought a boxed tree this year so its going back in the box for next year it was too pricey to only use once, lol.

    Hope you ladies are enjoying your weekend. We're staying low key this weeked, I feel kinda crappy still but hoping to have a kid-free date tomorrow night with the hubby, I'm so excited!


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    A belated merry christmas and the happiest of new years to everyone.


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    Maria - Did you have a blast at your mom's party? She sounds like a party person:)

    Tracy - Sounds like a comfy way to spend the evening and cozy socks too:)

    Yesterday morning, I was able to see Australia make it to the New Year. Me? I went to bed a little past 10:30 p.m. mountain time, but heard the neighborhood celebrate the big moment:)

  • Hey ya'll!!  Can you believe it's New Year's Eve already???  I don't know where the time has gone.  Seems like just yesterday we were all in Phoenix together!!

    Thanks for asking about my nephew.  He was diagnosed on Sunday and only ran a fever for a couple of days.  He was fine by Christmas Day and has been fine since.  So far so good on everyone else avoiding it!!  Hopefully it'll stay that way!

    Someone needs to come and take my tree down.....  I hate that task.  

    Any fun plans for anyone other than Maria?  Just hanging out with friends here....watching the ball drop on TV and probably wearing yoga pants and hoodie.  My kinda night!!

  • Needing to sneak in before the New Year!!

    Miss everyone like crazy!

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    Hi ladies!

    I hope you all had a great Christmas and having a great time with your families these last few days of the year. I can't believe it's almost over!

    Tracy- Yes! She told me she texted you to tell you I was there! Everybody is soooo nice and welcoming, it's been awesome being more involved..... I hope your nephew is doing better. I've been to Urgent Care twice in the past 10 days with John. he has an ear infection now but I was very scared of the flu. Especially cause I've heard even kids that got the shot have been getting very sick from it. :(

    Lindsay- I'm glad yall had a great Christmas. I'm soooo tired but my mom insists on throwing a New Years party at her house. I don't think she ever gets tired! I'm in charge of dessert and drinks.

    I hear the boys screaming, bbl.


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    Lindsay:  Ha, I had to go to google to translate that, but yes I could send you a postcard!  Nice on the relaxed holiday, that'll most likely be us next year since we won't be near home to go travelling to!

    Liz:  Miss you lady!!

    Tracy:  Boo on the flu diagnosis, how is your nephew doing now?  Ha, I bet Ansley thinks she's big stuff now with her own phone!  That's what kids always dream of, their own phone line!

    Lorena:  Thanks!  They were well for Christmas and got sick the day after!  Ah well, the life with kids, right?  Someone's always sick!  We will be moving this summer!  Won't find out where until the March-April timeframe though.  

    Had a fabulous but exhausting Christmas week!  My brother and his family came, Elim had a blast playing with my nephew and wore himself totally out!  This next week has nothing on the books, SO NICE!!  I can't wait.  I can do whatever I want whenever I want with the kids!  Hoping to get together with a couple of my friends who I haven't seen in forever!

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    Tracy - I'm glad you had a nice and relaxing Christmas Day with just close famiy:) We kept it real in the gift department. The boys could have cared less about the socks, underpants, and tops I bought them. I knew that'd be the case, but they needed them. When they discovered they were actually Minecraft shirts, they were happy:) They got a few toy figures, but the bigger items were Skylanders Trap Team for D (Black Friday deal) and a red guitar (Craigslist find in excellent condition with a case and shoulder strap) for T.

    Yes, we were lured into another Skylander money pit. That's all I've been hearing about since the pre-order at Toys R Us in late summer. T really likes music and hubby gave up one of his guitar stands so that T could have one and access it whenever. It's cool! T really likes it and now he and his Dad can rock out together:)

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    Lindsay~  Woohoo!!!  That sounds like us!  Both family functions were done this past weekend and yesterday was just Santa gifts and my parents which is like a whole other Santa time!  The kids just played together for hours.  Ansley enjoyed some time with her dad and his family, but no complaints there because there were more gifts!!

    Today has been crash day!!  Nothing accomplished, nothing done....just me the couch, the dog, and the girl.  My kinda day!

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    Merry Christmas to everyone!

    The boys put on their new pajamas last night and happily went to bed. Thankfully it was closer to 5:30 a.m. before waking us up. They are getting a little better about letting mommy and daddy sleep. It doesn't take too long to tear into everything. They are busy playing with new goodies. I am just about to put in one of my favorite holiday classics, Scrooged:) I did it right this year. I celebrated super early with my parents and bye bye holiday stress. I am calm and the baked goods I made are probably the best ever! I wasn't rushed for once and wow can that make all the difference. Growing up, we'd open our gifts, but then have to get ready to go to a relative's house only to come back home super late. We never brought any of our gifts from Santa along either. It's nice to just stay put and enjoy. I like this no rushing around bit. I need to remember this in the New Year. No therapies next week either:)


    I can't believe it's here already!  A tradition that we started a long time ago was to let Ansley open one gift on Christmas Eve.  She's been begging since she got up today and finally was able to open a gift.  She already knew what it was....a phone.  Her daddy is funding this "project" and gave her the line that her Nana had that he was already paying for.  She's over the moon happy right now!  

    I hope that all of you have a great Christmas!

  • Lorena - I survived the line at the post office. It wasn't too bad. Yes, so true! That's great that you got to chat with DH while waiting:) Yay on the good deals:)

    So, the Cardinals lost at home last night. I don't really follow football, but it would have been nice to have the team get a little closer to potential Super Bowl contender. Oh well, we still get to host it:)

  • Stacy: I am so sorry to hear kids are sick and you too, I hope by now they are much better and getting ready for christmas, I would head to your blog,  I hope you had a nice quiet time for you and your girls on their Birthday.... What summer move?

    Lindsay: I really don't know what is up with me this year, I feel totally out of energy to buy or decorate for christmas.... Well I am almost done with presents, I got really great deals despite the long queues  I had to make, by the way a queue is a good place to have a chat with DH, yes he came along and we had a nice chat for an hour...I  hear you, I hear you with the crazy drivers, and I don't know where all the cars come from? Seems like everyone is out and getting crazy driving, I try to avoid traffic by doing some errands at 7 am, well at least grocery stores, which are open in december the 24 hours, some years ago we like with DH going to stores at 1 or 2 am, it was so odd to be alone in a big store... hope your team wins the game, not sure what game is it...

    Maria: sending you a big hug to you and your family, so glad you are enjoying the volunteer work with MOD...

    Lauren: Merry Christmas! ... Feliz Navidad! ... Buon Natale!... Merry Christmas to you and your lovely kids.... Hope Santa brings many presents....

    Tracy: Glad you are enjoying previous Christmas days with family, sorry about your nephew...

    Liz: Glad to hear from you and that you are doing ok...

    Nikki : Merry Christmas to you too...

    Rachel: Every year in Christmas time I promise myself it will be the last time I buy presents in Dec, and it happens again, I truly admire ppl that buy them in October...

    Hope all of you are enjoying the Holidays, with family, and having some good days off to enjoy this special time of the year,