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    Hello Ladies!

    The February Cafe is now up. Sorry for the delay :)


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    Donna & Tracy - The city is getting back to normal and the dismantling of Super Bowl stuff around the stadium is well underway. It was really pretty and PURPLE:) Now the talk around here is focused on the gal from Prescott Valley. Lots of vigils and holding out hope.

    Donna - Congrats to Grace! So exciting for her! Sorry about the late night(s). Pour yourself an extra cup or two. I wish these scientists would make up their minds if coffee was good or bad. Last week in the news, it was reported as good, so I helped myself:)

    Tracy - There's another 3-day weekend around the corner and hopefully a good power nap in your future:)

    I got my taxes done today. Whew, too many numbers. My eyes hurt. Could the print in the tax booklet be any smaller?

  • Donna~  I was looking for the February Cafe too!  Looks like the Cafe' Creators are as busy as we are....  Yay for Grace!!  She's such a talented girl!  I wish I were close enough to come watch her sometime....  I don't know that I can get much more distance between us though.  

    Lindsay~  Is the city getting back to normal?  I'll bet things were super crazy there last weekend!  

    Maria~  How are you liking the weather this weekend??  It's been great!  I dread colder temps returning, but I'm sure they're on their way!

    Whew....last week was crazy!!!  My students were all out of whack!  I like to blame it on the full moon.  I'm hoping this week will be much better, but I highly doubt it with Valentine's Day coming up.  Even 2nd graders get excited about that day.  

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    Is there a February Cafe I'm missing????

    Lindsay - Super yay on the honor roll!!! That's awesome! Has the area recovered from last weekend?

    Maria - Hope the tooth is doing better.

    Tracy - Hopefully it was a better week this week, and that you go that  nap. ;-)

    How could a week start out feeling like it was taking forever, and then end up flying by I'm wondering where my days went? Grace auditioned for The Rock School last weekend and was accepted into their Summer Intensive. Huge confidence booster for her. She has two more summer intensive auditions coming up.  Busy girl. Ethan had a great week, outside of a rough night Tuesday night. Anxiety stinks.

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    Tracy - It's Friday:) Feel free to nap all you want. It is rainy here. Makes me sleepy.

    Maria - Sorry about your toofer. I hope the meds are helping you to feel more comfortable:) Yeah, Minecraft . . . my boys LOVE it too. Right now they are also really into PvsZ Garden Warfare.

    It took an hour and 20 minutes to inch home yesterday afternoon after Music. I knew traffic would be bad too with the rain and all of the festivities going on around here. I took an alternate route home, freeway hopping basically, but home in 45 minutes. The plan is to stay inside and avoid the freeways at all cost. Hopefully, we'll see some sun here on Sunday. It's too bad. We had great weather last weekend.

  • In desperate need of a massage and nap!  (stumbling over to the couch)

    Is it Friday yet???  I'll check back later.....

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    Lorena- Wow yall have been busy! I'm glad that S and V both are doing well in school. Way to go V on wanting to play violin! I'm glad S likes his teacher too that's makes it easier for us as parents sending them off to school. I don't think Chris has ever told us he "disliked" a teacher but I'm sure he will on day lol. Wow, 3 years of pre-school? I'll be registering John for pre-k in March but he won't start till August that's if he gets in because they do a drawing due to a limit amount of spots available. I'm so overprotective of my baby part of me hopes he doesn't get in. I'm having so many worries ugh!

    Donna- I hope yall are able to get some more melatonin for Ethan soon and are able to get some rest. Way to Grace! I saw pictures on FB she's beautiful just like her mommy. If I ever have a girl I would love for her to be in ballet that type of stuff, being a Latina I love dancing! But then again she might want to play soccer or some other sports lol. I don't watch SYTYCD but that must have been really fun and exciting.

    Lindsay- Way to go D on making Honor Roll, you must be driving your car all happy even if you're stuck in traffic! I know what you mean about having mixed emotions about switching horses, I hope D adapts well to the new horse he will be riding and they can become buddies fast. I don't do too well in crowded places either especially if there's no parking that's a huge red flag. I've never been to a game or anything so I don't know what all that is about honestly. Hubby's not into sports unless is the Soccer World Cup then I'll watch. But hearing all the buzz I might watch even if I'm all sorts of confused lol.


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    Hi ladies!

    Thank you all for your advice!.... Chris is not playing online. He has been begging that I connect to Xbox Live but I haven't, crap I don't even know how to! Lol. His Xbox is not connected to our Wifi either. I think he's too small to have that online playing going on too. His friend hasn't called in a couple of days but when he does I'll ask to speak to his mom. I asked Chris how in the world do they play if he's not online and he said "Mama, we just act like we're in the same game, he has Minecraft and we share ideas at school"..... So I guess that's ok. John is also now into the whole Minecraft thing. These boys....

    I need to go back and read the rest of the posts. I'm all medicated now. I have an infection in one of my molars, it started all of a sudden because I haven't even had pain and two days ago I woke up and it was swollen, yesterday woke up and it was WAY worse so I headed to the dentist and long story short I need a root canal. Ahhhhh! But I have to wait till infection and the swelling goes down. It does not look pretty and I dreaded going grocery shopping today but it had to be done. Next app is Weds and I am not looking foward to it. :(

    Again, thank you all for your advice! :)



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    Lorena - I'm so glad that the school year is starting off well for both kiddos and that S is liking his teacher:) I hope it lasts for all of you:) Way to go Miss V with violin! That's awesome! I see my doctor again in June. I mean, it's Girl Scout cookie season and I'm selling See's candy as a MOD fundraiser...This just spells out disaster, but I'm trying to be good. Have I inhaled all of the boxes of Nuts and Chews? No, there's still a box or so left:)

    Tracy - So funny that you mention "the calendar" because I've been waiting to get a  2015 one and picked it up at our Family Teams Kickoff this past weekend:) We so need to just pay for those guys to come out and use their industrial strength weed killer that turns your yard blue/green for a spell. I'm tired of pulling weeds:(

    Donna - Ooooh, that does sound fun! Bet it was entertaining:) Sorry for the long night with E. Hope you can get some more melatonin to help. Congrats to Grace for her performance and the exposure:) Things look busy here with lots got events happening around the Valley. It's been neat to see the stadium stuff come together:) We are just 2 freeway exits from Glendale Ave. Urgh, I tried to get tickets to see The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but no go. That would have been fun! There's some School Choice rally down at the State Capitol later this week, but I think I'll pass. There isn't going to be any parking.

    D made the Honor Roll! I got his progress report and bumper sticker thingy in the mail yesterday. I also got his progress report from the horse place. They want to switch his horse for next 6-week session. He's been riding the same horse, Joey, for over a year. It's time I guess. D will be losing the lead rope and is becoming more independent which is the goal. It's hard to say goodbye. Tonight is his last session with this horse. This horse was born in 2009. I don't ride, I visit and observe, but I've become attached to it too in my own way.

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    Hey guys!!

    Not sure I'll remember everything.....Ethan had another late night last night. We've been out of melatonin for nearly a week and that definitely isn't helping!!!!

    Everyone on the East Coast surviving?

    Lindsay - Heard about that family with the quads. So very sad. How's traffic and such around town with the big game coming up on Sunday?

    Maria - My kids have been playing online and on their DS's with other kids for awhile, but I was really strict when they were younger. I had to know the other kids as well as their parents. And they could only be online if I were home and supervising. I agree with Tracy's suggestions. As for the child being left at home alone for that length of time...yikes!! Although I did check for any laws before we started leaving our kids (when Ry was 13), and there aren't any in CA as far as how old kids have to be.

    Lorena - That sounds like a lot is going on in your household!! BUSY!!! Essential oils are natural oils and blends of natural oils ie lavender, chamomile, frankincense, and so on. They're supposed to help with all kinds of different things. We just use a blend to help with Ethan's sleep. Not super effective alone for us, and I don't buy into the whole thing completely. But as part of his nighttime routine, it does help.

    Grace's competition went well. She did a great job, particularly for her first time. She didn't place, but we didn't expect she would. There were probably 150 kids in her age and category. I'm proud of her. It was a VERY long weekend in the theater. Three more competitions to go this season! Plus summer intensive auditions. She's a busy dance girl these days. Went to see the live tour of SYTYCD last night. Amazing show!

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    Ladies I'm on a mission and I need your help!!! I want to start a non profit to help with bereaved families of angel babies. I want to offer financial help for burial or memorial expenses, memory boxes and also some sort of aftercare support. There is a lot of paperwork and fees involved so this is what I've come up with. I want to publish a book filled with all of our stories and journeys. Now I know all of our stories do not have a happy ending but I think there is market and a need for our stories. I want all the proceeds to help fund my non profit, The Wee Warriors Foundation. If you're interested please email me at zaccsmama@yahoo.com. I love you wonderful ladies!!!!

  • Lorena~  Wow---violin!!!  That girl has dreams!  That's great that S. loves his new teacher.  Let's hope that continues.  Makes life easier!

    Maria~  My car is black.  As for the situation with the kid calling, I don't think it would be rude to talk to his parents.  I would just say that since he'd been calling and was a friend of Chris' that you just wanted to say hey and  make sure it was okay for him to be playing online.  If they're never at home, you might want to let his teacher know so that they can check on things.  It may be that a neighbor is close enough to check in on him multiple times until his parents get off work.  

    Lindsay~  If that lady was complaining of therapies, whip out your calendar!!  Sounds like you've been productive in between therapies at least.  I would probably be the one on the couch catching a nap instead of walking the track or pulling weeds.

    Our weather was better this weekend.  Friday was yucky, but Saturday brought back the sun and Saturday and Sunday brought temps in the low 50's.  I can deal with that!!  I'm starting to notice that there is still daylight at 6:00 p.m. here too.  That makes me smile because I like the longer days of the summer!  

  • Hello Happy Belated New Year to everyone!!

    Maria: I think Chris is too young to play on line (just a piece of my mind) I just let S this year play online. He had found some school friends and play on line, in fact have become best buddies with some school kids and usually some Fridays S goes to his house or these kids come to my house. Maybe you could invite over the kid so you can see him and get the chance to know the parents... And other advice, set the xbox, tv, computer etc in family place (not in their bedrooms), so you can watch  what  your kids are  doing (that is an expert advice not mine)... Great on the kitchen aid mixer, I want one of those, but knowing me probably it would end in the kitchen cabinet along with the juice extract and the pasta machine and other things in my kitchen...Congratulations on your new car, and on your sister graduation must be so nice to have some of the family to advice you with  your hair...

    Lindsay: Snow in Arizona! wow it is hard to believe ... I get you with the hot temperatures, but we have some "cold" nights these days, so sorry they canceled kids appointments I really hate that, oh so glad all your labs are well, and don't pay attention on your Dr's unwanted comments...8 therapies in a week, wow those are a lot of appointments and driving around...Oh yes I read about that poor mother and the babies, my sympathies for that father/husband and their family

    Donna: Oh sorry to hear of the rough days and nights for Ethan, so how was Grace dancing competition? I am sure she did great. What are those essential oils?

    Tracy: oh so sorry on the weather, glad you have other resources to entertain the kids, I would check that website, thanks for sharing it.... hope the sun is back for now, and hope you enjoyed the 3 day WE...

    Neesha: hope you are doing great, many blessings for you on this new year!

    Things have been quiet busy here, new school year has begun 2 weeks ago, along with after school lessons, S is in 7th grade (here is the first year of middle school), and miss V is in "transition" grade (last year of pre school, here it is 3 years of pre school, 6 years of elementary, 3 years of middle school and 3 years of high school) she is getting ready for elementary, and she is starting to get a lot of homework as well as S. So far he is happy with this school year (knock on wood he stays like this all year), his teacher is young with fresh ideas, and kids like him.

    Then I have all the afternoon in after school lessons, miss V is in karate and swimming 3 and 2 times in week  and art school... And now she wants violin lessons (go figure were she gets those ideas, I said better piano, but no she wants violin).

    Hope you all are enjoying the WE.


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    Maria - Wow, that's a tough one. I assume the boy is calling to play XBOX Live so he has a friend. That's pretty smart:) D hasn't shared our number with anyone that I know of, but I can see this down the road as his circle expands and wants to set up his own activities. I guess it's just us parents emailing or calling to set up playdates. We don't have a land line. I so remember calling my friends to invite them over (with parent permission). It was normal. Our kiddos don't have cell phones, yet. I imagine this kid's parent wants to be able to check in with him. Staying home alone at that age? I'd check your State's law on that. Don't want to get anyone in trouble here, but he shouldn't be left alone all day. Maybe one parent works the night shift and is home, but asleep? I'd call, introduce self, and gently ask because X is happening and you want to make sure everything is OK. A village, right?

    Okay, just have to get this one out there. A lady at one of the therapy offices I go to was talking to me this morning and said that her kiddo has 8 weekly therapies. I didn't bat an eye. Yup, that's normal for us. I told her that we didn't have EI, but then had to explain myself. She's got a Kinder Transition Mtg coming up in another month or so. Trying not to rain on her parade, but there are SO many things to know.

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    Hi ladies,

    Hope you all are doing well!

    Question! Advice Needed!:

    Christopher is 8 years old. Since last week a friend from his class has been calling him on my cell phone. They don't spend that much time on the phone and it's not a daily thing. When the little boy calls Chris will immediately turn on his Xbox and play Minecraft, the other boy is apparently playing too and all I hear is screams coming from his room from excitement. I didn't even know he had given that friend my cell number, so I was surprised when I heard his baby voice asking for my boy. I told Chris to not give me number out to any other kids and I don't know if I did the right thing by telling him that. He has also told me THAT boy has his own cell phone and stays home alone on the weekends while his parents work. Like what in the world? he's in Chris' class so he should be 8 or 9.

    Question: Should I talk to his mom? Introduce myself even if its through the phone? Ugh, I don't wanna come off as weird or anything lol. This is just so new to me. I know Chris is growing up but it's like sudden for him to start receiving phone calls.

    Thanks for any advice ladies!