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    Happy Monday everyone!! The March Cafe is up!!


  • Figured it out.  I need to switch away from IE to Firefox.

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    Feeling a little silly, I don't know how to post a picture on my blog.

  • Lorena - Hi! I am so glad that you had a nice teacher/parent conference for S:) It's so nice to hear when your child is doing well. There's pride and a bit of relief. I'm glad that he'll open up to you when he's in a talkative mood. Yay to Miss V and to all of the activities she's doing too! Neat that she's always smiling. I feel that way with these guys. T always has a smile on his face, but D... we sometimes call him "D the Downer." He's a Scorpio like his Mom, so I get him. I hear you on the busy hubby. I hope that you guys find an hour or two of alone time. Sometimes we wake up early and have a date morning and watch a movie together. D always seems to know when we do this because he comments on how awake I am (on my 3rd cup of coffee and hitting the house chores). Our kids have seen snow, but never played in it, yet. Cool that you're keeping busy making stuff. I bet Miss V loves to wear her mom's products:)

    Samantha - Hope you're feeling a little better.

    We have Spring Break coming up soon. D's appt got scooted to early April. There's some big out-of-pocket expense right there. Not happy about it and then there's a referral to an ortho too. I think I'll take him back to my ortho, the one I was seeing while carrying D and T! Got to be a discount right?

  • Hello ! I do hope all had a wonderful Happy Valentine's Day, nothing special here, just "loving breakfast" as miss V says.

    Life here has been running around,

    Tracy: wow yes my niece from Atlanta sent me a pic of her girls playing in the snow, that is awesome, imagine for us that never get snow, I am dying to take my kids to "see" the snow, some day I hope...Glad you and your kids survived the Valentine's party at school, and I hope you had a very special day

    Samantha: So sorry to hear you are feeling bad and so sorry for your cold/flu, hope you are having an amazing week

    Lindsay: hahaha on the reminder to wash all the parts, so sorry for D having a cavity, I hate dentists.... Of course that some brushing teeth techniches are better than others, but my dentist explained to me that some persons tend to be more vulnerable to cavities or gum disease depending on the acidity of their saliva, probably D is more susceptible to cavities so he has to wash teeth more often than other kids (I had a freak with washing teeth and I persecuted S with the brush and still he got cavities). ha sad way to spend the spring break..I read about your fridge, glad you don't have any strange noises...

    So finally miss V is in her violin lessons, not so happy here I have to buy the violin for her *sigh* ... she has a karate combat on March 25th and she is getting ready for that, I am more nervous than her, I think it is not a good scene to watch your kid being kicked, I hope is my kid hitting the others... and swimming lessons afternoons are relaxing to her, she enjoys so much swimming, sometimes I marvel at her, she does everything with a smile on her face, surely she is enjoying, and that is a happy scene to watch...

    S is doing fabulous in school, today we had a teacher conference and he said he is doing so fine, teachers (and last year teachers) are marveled for his conduct and his behavior in class...and we grinned all the interview...Somedays he is not so talkative as he used to be, but I understand, and I know he will talk to me when he feel the mood to talk, but still I sometimes manage to talk to him with interrogation...

    My DH is working a lot, and I have been doing some small "office"  works here and there, and doing some jewelry  and hair bows, to keep myself busy, once I said I do it for sell but I liked what I do ...

    Summer is starting and temperatures are getting up...

    Wishing you a happy WE,


  • Tracy:  Yeah we had a few very cold days south of you!  Glad you survived you Valentines day party!

    I have been fighting a rough cold/flu on top of frighting a funk...  I have been miserable and having to work because last week was race week in our town.     I hope I start feeling better soon...  funny the boys seem to be even more rowdy when I'm sick!

    Hope everyone has an amazing week!


  • Hey y'all!  I made it through our class Valentine's party and sent all little people home with plenty of sugar for the weekend!  The parents thanked me at Parent Conference Day the following Monday.  

    Winter fun has come to GA!!  It's been COLD here.....even for those of you who are use to the cold.  Monday afternoon/evening brought ice and Tuesday school was cancelled due to power outages and ice on secondary roads.  Wednesday we went in on a 2 hour delay and Thursday and today normal hours.  It surprised me due to the temps being their lowest, but I guess you have to make tough decisions when you're in charge.  Thankfully this year, all schools made it through without broken pipes and water damage.  

    A little while ago, Ansley called me to say that it was snowing outside!!!  She gets so excited to see snow (a true GA girl!)!!  It stopped about 30 mins. later, but just seeing it fall was enough for her.  Temps in our area today and yesterday were lower than in Anchorage, AK!!  No wonder I'm cold!!

    Y'all remember some of our Share families in all this winter weather---the snow is getting deep!!

  • Lindsay- it was cold tonight so I got out early :) 40 degree on a pier over the ocean with wind winds isn't appealing I guess.  Made it home in time to go to dinner with Derek and the boys.  Tonight is supposed to be the coldest night here I may have to turn on my heater!  Ugh for dentist...  Jadon needs to go and I have to find him a good one between the meds, breathing treatments and genetics his teeth are rough!  Maybe I'll make a call monday.  

    Anyone got any interesting plans for tomorrow?  I'll be at my nieces birthday party and then working...  sound romantic?  Maybe sea world sunday...  

    Hope everyone has an awesome Valentines Day and weekend!

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    Samantha - Rolling silverware trying to keep your eyes open, urgh, I hope that table was good to you when they paid their check:) Hoping tonight's shift will bring in some good tips as well. Be careful on your way home. I know being out on Friday the 13th is sort of freaky. I am hoping that the date will bring more luck though. Yay, a chat! Doesn't have to have a topic... there's already a thread about it, but maybe fundraising ideas, angel memory cards, etc. As far as the maturing boys, it's all happening too fast over here too. Just what?! I still give reminders to wash all the parts. D hates that and cue eye roll or the loud OKAY yelled from the shower:)

    Tracy - Hope you survived the Valentine's party. No, I felt the same way about last minute assemblies. Interrupts what I've planned and hard to get 'em back. It would be funny if dental offices would do their freebie visits right before or after both Halloween and Valentine's!

    I was able to unload the last few boxes of See's candies just today. I am so sick of chocolate right now, but I know in another week I'll be craving again. With all of the chocolate sales and dental visit yesterday, I have toothbrushes and floss on my mind:) D has a cavity and one of the sealant things from a year ago came off. Hoping I can ask for some kind of a credit there. It's going to be some bucks to fix. I guess I already know how I'll be spending a few hours of my Spring Break, urgh. T brushes better than D. You'd think a kiddo with sensory wouldn't move the toothbrush around as well, but he doesn't want cavities like his bro.

  • Friday the 13th....  ugh can I stay in bed today and hide.  It's the beginning of speed week (big race next week) and it's Friday the 13th.  In the restaurant world it is not a good combo.  Dreading going to work tonight.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  

    Tracy- hope you school kiddos don't drive your crazy from their sugar highs.  


  • Tracy-  shhhhh! Don't tell him I told you this will be archived in a month lol.  Jadon came home with his list of names today.  Didn't think they were gonna do anything.... wrong!  Last minute scramble to get stuff.  He did get into the car and burst into tear today.  One of his teachers cause him such anxiety and he says nothing he does is right with this teacher.  Ugh broke my heart.   Took him for ice cream but he has been and a mood all day.   It's been a long day and I'm thankful fiNall fell asleep.  Can't wait for this year to be over but Ohhh how I am dreading middle school!


  • Sam~  Oh dear....zits!  He'll love you for posting that tidbit of information in years to come.  LOL!!  Let me just say...as for hygiene.....it's not just boys!  Hope you get home before too late and that the late table left a good tip!

    Lindsay~  Ugh on braces!  I'm thinking Ansley might need them too.  We'll see though.....we've got some gaps to fill first.

    Maria~   Root canal???  That doesn't even sound fun!  Get your winter coat out again.....we're in for cold temps this weekend!!!

    Tomorrow is school Valentine's parties.....  I'm NOT looking forward to it.  Do I sound like the worst teacher ever??  I just hate how out of control the kids get on party day and for nothing really.....snacks!  They act like we don't feed them an hour earlier.

  • Lindsay- I'm currently still at work rolling silverware waiting on my last table to leave.   The temp is dropping and it really windy on the pier tonight.    I was just telling Shannon we should host one.  We were trying to think of a topic.   But maybe we can make it just an open chat.  Jadon is doing okay my problem is he is a picker I'm sure it has a little to do with his ADHD but he want to mess with them....  ugh  boys and their hygiene, maybe it's just Jadon but it hasn't been easy to say the least.   I'm so not ready for this....  isn't 10 1/2 to young.   Anyone have a pause button?


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    Jami - Thank you for the cafe:)

    Samantha - I hope that work goes by fast for you tonight. Oh Jadon, how is he handling the changes? Yes, coffee! It's supposed to be really good for us (minus the extra creams, sugar, whip, and drizzle). So yummy though:) It would be fun if we could do a scheduled cafe chat and be drinking our fav hot beverages in the cafe. We should get the ladies together and plan for that . . .

    Maria - Hope that you're feeling better:) Ouch! We all have dental appointments tomorrow. I'm afraid for D. He probably has another cavity. He will need braces and I'm wondering if we'll need to be pulling teeth to get that moving. He has x-rays so I guess I'll know more tomorrow. Feel better soon:)

  • Happy Hump Day all!  Getting ready to head to work when I really just want to take a nap.  Things are always so busy.  I need a maid and a vacation.  Maybe just a sit down chat with you all and a cup of coffee.    How many school days left?  Like 80?  Ohh big news in our house Jadon has his first two zits.  So not ready for that and/or hormones.