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    Hey ladies the April cafe is (finally) up!!


  • BOOM!!!! HERE I AM!!!! Checking in ladies!!!! Hope all is well with all of you!!!! Wish I could see all of your faces!!!! MUAH!!!! Have a blessed week. For those of you with multiple kids and it's spring break time, you have my prayers. lol

    Love Nesha

  • WOOHOOO....!!!  Can anyone say SPRING BREAK!!!  Day 1---total bum!  I got my hair cut and took naps and washed and folded one load of towels.  Check, check on getting something done!!  LOL!!

    Ansley is with her dad on a cruise this week so she's living it up with fun in the sun while I soak up the pollen.  I'm excited for her though....she's never been on a cruise before!

    Lindsay~  Yay for a good horse show!!  Autocorrect is nice but really gets on my nerves more times than not....

    Stacy~  I hope Isla will feel better soon.  Nothing worse than a sick baby who can't tell you when it's coming.  Glad the storms avoided you again!!  

    Maria~  Hope the boys allergy shots are all lined up cause there's something new blooming and wow it has me all messed up!!  Thankfully, I'm not in school this week so I'm not having to whisper to my students....only to the dog.  He doesn't seem to mind at all!!

  • I meant "has a good week." Got to love this auto correct . . . Oh, horse show went well. The boys did rider demos and got participation ribbons. The Equine Special Olympics was in the afternoon. Yeah, it was 97 degrees yesterday. So glad we did morning demos!


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    Stacy - Whew! I was thinking about you all. Saw your area on the news. I'm glad you are all safe and yes, a basement in Kansas sounds good:) Sorry to hear that Isla got a touch of something. Poor baby, poor Mama. Hope she gets better soon:)

    T is on Spring Break this week, so I'm trying to work in some preferred places. Maybe bowling today. Cleaning a lot. Another garage sale in another weekend and our walk is soon too. Hope everyone was a good week:)

  • Gah, I had this big long thing typed out and then my computer froze up!  So this is my cliff notes version.  I hope everyone feels better and has/had a great spring break!

    We survived the tornado again.  Scared the heck out of us again.  We knew there was one a mile north of us and we were out watching the helicopter covering that one until I looked directly west and noticed a bunch of power flashes that just kept staying in the same spot, meaning it was heading towards us!  Just about the time I noticed those, the sirens went off and ran inside and grabbed the girls and their memory boxes, scooped up both kids and pushed Molly along into our closet.  We had some pretty strong wind and hail but thankfully for us it turned south of us.  A school was destroyed though not to the extent of last time, it just lost it's roof and several homes as well.  Hit in the same general spot the other bad tornadoes did.  But we're ok, and looking forward to Kansas that everywhere has full basements, woohoo for safety!

    So now Isla has been vomiting for the last 12 hours, oh joy!  Broke our almost 2 week well streak!  Poor baby.  Oops, I hear her stirring now better go get her from her room before she nails the whole crib and walls again!

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    Maria - We can't wait for the Minions movie! It looks so fun:) What a very cute party idea! I'm sure you'll be able to find lots of party items. Your boys will love it! I hear you on the Legos. We introduced them a few years ago to T and he wasn't interested. Now that he's a litter older and with the influence of big brother, he's more willing to try and create. His favorite right now is The Minecraft Cave while D is heavily into Star Wars Rebels:) Hugs to you on the tougher days! I'm right there with you when it's just too much to fake happy. Extra whip cream on yummy coffee drinks on those days or you know, maybe a Coke or two:)

    Tracy - Yay for super proud mommy moment! Congrats to Ansley! And . . . a Happy Spring Break to you at 3:00ish today or whenever that last bell rings:) Enjoy:) Do you have a Toys R Us by you? Got some email about doing a make and take on a Ninjago mask tomorrow. Are all stores doing this nationwide?

    Horse competition tomorrow and thank goodness we have an early ride time for both boys. It's going to be WARM.

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    Hi ladies,

    I read everything sorry if I forget anything....

    Tracy- I'm loving these temps too! But yes the pollen sucks. I have Chris' app next month for his allergy shot and his asthma check up. He has spring break in about 2 weeks and I seriously cannot wait! That's awesome Ansley is in chorus. I was in chorus for 4 years and joined in 6th grade as well. I loved it! If I ever have a girl I would love for her to be in chorus. Who knows maybe Chris or John will join too? I love music.

    Lindsay- That sound like lots of fun. Chris has been mentioning LegoLand but I haven't checked where the nearest one is because he has a new unopened Lego box that cost me $40 at Target I was like hhhmmmm Chris might enjoy this since he talks about going to LegoLand sometimes so it was one of his gifts for Christmas and he just wasn't interested! It's sitting in his closet somewhere! So I'm going to tell him he needs to build that before we start planning a trip there.

    That's so terrible. I hate hearing stuff like that on the news. I'm glad your husband wasn't there and I'm very saddened for those who were involved. I hope that guy gets the help he needs. Omg yes Starbucks is the best! And yes so pricey. I usually find good deals at Target.

    Marissa- I hope your fundraising is going well. I know sometimes sharing our stories can be hard but it's amazing the love and understanding we receive in return. Sending you many hugs.

    Stacy- Wow Germany would have been nice but I'm glad you'll be closer to your parents. I know how that goes when the kids miss their grandparents and Elim will love that 2 hour drive to see them more often. Hubby always talks about moving to a small town I would love that if it wasn't because my parents live 20min away. That's why we totally ruled out moving to Mexico for a couple of years all together. It would be hard for me but even harder for the boys. I hope that transition goes well for yall. I know you were going to get a root canal done, how did that go? I have my next app on Monday ugh.

    I have been feeling so down lately. It just hits sometimes. I'm trying to stay busy and even started crafting and couponing again even though I sometimes need to to push myself to get through that. My nephews baptism is coming up in August and I for some crazy reason told my mom I would do the invites. If yall haven't heard my mom is the queen of hosting parties and guess what? I have to do 100 invites. I'm doing something simple but fancy. And yes it will be at an event hall and everything. Ugh just thinking about it makes me tired. Then the boys birthdays are in July and we still haven't decided where that will be held, it will be more low key kid's party. I have too many ideas for that too. And since the Minions movie is coming out that month they will be having a Minions theme party. I have all these exciting things coming up but sometimes I get so down. I hate it.

    The boys are doing great though. Chris grades came yesterday and rather than being excited about getting all B's he's more excited about the bottom part where it says how many days he's missed since the beginning of the school year and he hasn't missed none. So he's excited about getting an award. I really hope he does or else I might do one for my boy myself. John has been keeping me busy too. He's feeling under the weather right now but I'm sure it's the pollen. He's talking a lot now too in English and Spanish. I just love hearing my boys have conversations it makes my heart happy.


  • 4 MORE DAYS!!!!

    My calendar has had countdown listed in the margins for months now!!!  

    Lindsay~  I heard about the person trying to hurt others, but didn't realize it was that close to you.  I hope that those injured will have a speedy recovery.  I need to find or build a Lego Land close to us!  My friend's son is wacko for Legos!!!  He loves them and has many of the sets to put together.  I put together a dragon with him the other day and must admit it was pretty fun!  I will say that the little thing that pries Legos apart if you snap the wrong ones together is the best invention ever!

    Marissa~  Yay for the fundraising going well despite the late start!  That's great that your friends have been generous and are celebrating Randi's life with you as well.

    Tracy~  Howdy back!!!

    Stacy~  I must say I've been secretly cheering for the Kansas appointment!  It's totally for selfish reasons.....I don't think you'd be coming back to SU from Germany if that had been the case---then I would've missed you terribly!!  Small towns have their perks....

    So---super proud mommy moment----Ansley is a part of the chorus at her school.  They have a 6th grade chorus (beginning) and 7th/8th grade (intermediate).  Last week they had competition and the 6th graders scored SUPERIOR!!!!  That's the best!!!!  I'm so proud of her and her chorus-mates!!! (Is that a word?)

    In other news---loving the warmer temps, but pollen sucks!!  (I think that's Share friendly....)  Even before the big pollen kicks in everyone is feeling the effects of the few blooms that are already present!  Oh the price of beauty!!

  • Tracy - How we doin' on that Spring Break countdown?

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    Tracey - Hello! Nice to see you in the cafe:) I've got some McCafe coffee brewing right now. Had a coupon, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Not bad. I do like Starbucks whole bean though... That stuff ain't cheap.

    Marissa - They caught the guy/shooter. That one kiddo is still recovering.

    It is definitely worth the $ and there's a lot to see and do not only in the park/hotel, but the surrounding area (beach, shopping, strolling, restaurants, more shopping). I hope your little one is feeling better. I'm almost over it, but still have one with sniffles. Yay on the fundraising! Cool that newer friends are caring and supportive too:)


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    Lindsay - oh no, how terrible. So so sad.  I will keep your community in my thoughts.  Legoland sounds awesome. It is definitley on our list of places to visit.  I hope everyone is feeling better soon. It's been a rough winter here too - Reid was sick all weekend with a fever and feeling achy - so sad when my 4 year old is complaining that his back hurts.

    Stacy - sorry you guys don't get to move to Germany.  I'm glad you found some nice houses and good restaurants to try in Kansas.

    Tracy - glad your weather has been nice!  We had a one week teaser of spring and there is more snow in the forecast for tomorrow, but hopefully that's the last one this year. Nothing like snow on the first day of spring. I'm glad tennis is going well.

    We started our fundraising way late this year but it's going well so far.  I sent our email to a few newer friends who didn't know our story and they were so kind. I'm always so nervous about doing that but usually I am comforted by people's responses and happy that they get to know I'm Randi's mommy too.  


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    Lindsay:  Nope, no Germany, boo!!  Maybe one day we'll get back over there!  Glad that you all are starting to feel better!  Oooh, that sounds like a blast at lego land!!  Oh no, that's horrific.  I'm glad that he wasn't there but so sad for those that were involved.  We actually had a couple of weeks ago a kid that was planning to carry out a Columbine style attack on the high school I graduated from.  Thankfully he had texted friends about it and they alerted authorities so he is getting the help he needs.  So so scary.

    Tracy:  Hey Tracy!  We're thawed out over here, supposed to be beautiful this weekend again!  Woohoo, can't wait!!  I think this will be my first one coming completely by myself, it'll be a totally new experience!  No big plans for my walk team, I've been slacking the last couple of years.  I need to get it together!

    We took a trip up to Kansas last week!  It's......small!  But a lot of the houses there are cute and within our budget, and there are a lot of non-chain type restaurants that will be fun to check out.  We checked out a church but I don't think it's quite what we're looking for, there's still other options of course since we're still in the outskirts of the bible belt!

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    My husband works part-time as adjust faculty for one of the community colleges in our county. He was not teaching today as he's on Spring Break and his class hasn't started yet. He received an emergency email alert today that one of those campuses had gone on lockdown because there was a gunman in the area. A few hours later, we learned that several people were shot at multiple locations, 1 killed. One of those shot was a student at EVIT (East Valley Institute of Technology), a vocational school for high school students. My husband worked there for several years when he first moved to AZ in '97 as an instructional aide. Anyway, it just hits close to home. Many of the students who attend EVIT are Special Needs kiddos. More information will come out this week. It's just so sad and so senseless...