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I was had an "Upside down stomach" at birth....10 days old. I was given up for dead but my father said he grabbed me up and took me to a city hospital and here I am at 66. My intestines are still slightly turned. I have Hiatal hernia that cannot be fixed. I have had a traumatic life to say the least. Here is what I mean. It has turned into a daily struggle by now.Smile

Occipital Peripheral Neuropathy. Spine CT showing chronic compression deformity of L1. Mild cervical spondylosis / stenosis, facet arthropathy throughout lumbar spine, most prominent of L5-S1 with small herniation, Mild atherosclerosis. Mild arthritic changes of the bilateral joints. CT on hip; Lesion on right humeral head near neck junction measuring 8x9 11mm with peripheral sclerosis and smaller similar lesion in intertrochanteric region anteriorly which can predisposed to impingement. Neurogenic bladder. 2015 reflux from hietial hernia...motility test done but inoperable, L5 Disc herniation/compression, traversing right S1 nerve root; A Synovial lumbar Cyst removed. Adrenal benign tumors, tremors. Nerve simulator in neck (so no MRI). Poly Neuropathy. 2012 DX partial hypothalamus dysfunction. 2001 neck/spinal Fusions C-5, C7. DX 1996 Diabetes. 1958 to present development of complex developmental PSTD and behavioral impact from Male-Rotated stomach surgery at birth and abuse. DX in I993; inflammation of disc degeneration and neck cervical infection. Also, 3 shoulder surgeries.. Twenty foot of Intestinal scar tissue removed in 2004.


I have never given up. I have self published 6 books, have 2 college degrees and 25 years as a social worker. Also a football game I invented was patented and sold in the 80's

Multivitamin General Health Doctorate Sodium 100 mg 2 Stool Softener

Areds 2 Ophth 2 Eye Vitamin Levemire (pen) 38 units twice daily-diabetes

AZO Bladder Health X c-pap, orthodics, catheters

Allergies; Penn. And Statin and

Phenergen drugs

9 medicines

1. Amlodipine Besy 10mg Blood Pressure 11 AM

2. Metoprolol 12 mg Blood pressure 11 AM

3. Wellbutrin 300 XL Maj Depression 11 AM

4. Eloquis 5 mg Blood thinner 11 AM 6 PM

5. Cymbalta 20mg Major Depression 6 PM

6. Pantoprazole 40 mg Reflux / acid 6 PM

7. Neurontin 300 mg Poly Neuropathy (morning,6 PM and bedtime)

8. Prazosin 5mg x2 Bladder , PTSD, blood pres. bedtime

9. Janumet 11AM for Diabetes

C3, C4, C5 supply diaphragm...sinus problems

C5, C6 shoulder movement (bicep) C-6 rotates the arm

C6, C7, C8 extends elbow and wrist

T7-Ll abdominal muscles

Ll, L2, L3, L4 thigh flexion

L2, L3, L4 thigh adduction

L4, L5, S1 thigh adduction and hamstring

L5, S1 S2 extension of leg at the hip. Feet