Micro Preemie

Raven, She was born 26 weeks 1lb 8oz. Currently in the nicu 13 weeks old and 5lb 9oz.

I am a 26 yr old single mother from GA. If anyone has any advice on dealing with a

situation like this, I would appreciate knowing I'm not alone.

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    Each kid is different. My son looked younger until last year when he was four. Now he's five and looks like his peers at preschool. My son Bruce still gets extra sick with colds because he has asthma, but most other things he's like an average five year old. I'm hoping your Raven will continue to be strong and grow plump and healthy.
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    Thank you, she's a fighter. And will continue to do so. How is yours doing? Can you even tell she was a micro?
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    That means the world to me. I am a single mom so I don't have anyone to speak out to without being looked at like a bad mom. I just need the assurance that people are with you BC they know the stress and the worry you feel each and every day.
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    I'm going to reply on Rebecca's because for some reason the reply box isn't showing up on my phone.
    I also had a micro preemie and it can be very difficult and isolating. I just continued to show up to the hospital and keep myself healthy. Try to take many pictures of Raven for yourself and prepare for bringing your baby home. I know that it is so stressful but I'm hoping that Raven will continue to grow big and strong and you'll be taking baby home soon. Good luck to you!
  • Hi,

    My daughter was born ten hours into her twenty sixth week. She weighed 790g. Now she is four and a half.

    A few years ago, I would have had a lot of advice. But, the further I get into this journey I realize how unique each of our stories are. Now, I'm unsure if I truly have anything useful to say. Even after four years, I'm no closer to figuring out how this will play out for us.

    I've blogged here ( share.marchofdimes.org/.../cheeringoncharlie ) , here ( woodra01.wordpress.com ) , and here ( everylaneistheleftlane.wordpress.com ) about our journey.

    Anyhow, I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.