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Hello! My name is Kelly and I've had 13 pregnancies and have 5 living children. I am the author of Breathe, A Memoir of Motherhood, Grief, and Family Conflict and have just joined this community. I wrote my book to share the story of my sons and to help others and if you're in need of such, I hope you find your way to reading it some day. Breathe is written in 3 parts: The Book of Noah, The Book of Jonah, and the Book of Isaiah. Briefly, Noah, our fourth child, was run over when he was 15 months old. Nine months later, Jonah was stillborn at term due to placental abruption, which turned out to be medical malpractice. I miscarried 6 months later but happily, one year later Isaiah was born. We did a lung function test at 37 weeks and the L/S ratio was positive so we induced, hoping to avoid another stillbirth like Jonah. However, the test was wrong and he spent 10 days in the NICU, receiving 2 doses of surfactant, and is happily 17 years old today. I am forever indebted to Dr. Merritt who developed artificial surfactant and the March of Dimes who funded his research. I speak about grief and loss, recently gave a TEDx talk on "Why We Should Share our Stories" and am the co-moderator for a closed FB group for The Compassionate Friends for loss due to miscarriage and/or stillbirth so if you are in need of that kind of support, check it out. I am happy to meet you all here in cyberspace. My website is:

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  • Hello Mrs. Kelly Kittel and welcome to Share. I apologize if I've missed earlier posts from you. I am so glad to have caught this one. I have your book Breathe next to me. Yesterday marked the 8th angelversary of our third son Naethyn. He was born sleeping at 30 weeks and we know there was medical malpractice, but hard to prove without an autopsy. Time has flown by, but the grief is long-lasting. I just began your book this morning. I'm taking it slow. The title caught my attention as so many can relate to grief, loss, and family conflict. I am amazed and inspired by your strength. Thank you in advance for writing this and for sharing your story, your boys' story, and how you deal and heal with all of the fish who swim in your water.