Pregnancy after preterm baby

Have any of you used progesterone injections to prevent another preterm baby?  I want to try to have another baby but am terrified to have another preterm baby.

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  • I had progesterone injections with my second. My first was early for unknown reasons, and with the injections my second was a bit later at 36.4 days. Almost full term, but not quite. No way to know if the shots played a role in that or not though. I didn't think they were all that uncomfortable, either. Some soreness for sure but overall they were manageable. Good luck in whatever you decide to do! I just posted a thread about being so torn on whether or not to have the third baby I've always wanted, but I too am terrified of another preterm delivery.
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    I did have the injections but we found out in my last pregnancy that my early arrivals came because of blood clotting issued, not preterm labor issues so my last still arrived early (32 weeks). I also was on progesterone suppositories from conception till I started the shot, I do believe the progesterone kept me pregnant in the beginning. I know many moms on here have had the injections and have made it to full term. Defiantly discuss this option with your dr. I think having a plan in place will give you not only piece of mine but a game plan on how to get the healthiest outcome possible.
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  • Welcome to Share. I had three preemies and delivered early each time for different reasons. I didn't have the progesterone injections, but some moms on this site have shared that they had. It's definitely something to discuss with your doctor and have that plan in place that's comfortable for you.