New! Son born 29w6d due to HELLP syndrome

Hello! A co-worker recommended I get connected with March of Dimes, and I've loved reading the stories of community members -- and I've met so many people now who have their own story of premature birth.

I've been journaling since the day after my son's birth (while I was still in the hospital). He was born 10 weeks early via c-section after the onset of HELLP syndrome. We were lucky we went to the doctor when we did, and I've finally found myself in a place where I'm ready to share:

Let me know if the link isn't working (posting from a new phone...).

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  • Hi there, welcome to Share, glad you joined us. We're here for you if you need us. I'm a graduate mom of preemie twins, and having walked the preemie and NICU journey, I know how much connecting with others meant to me.

    Keep us posted on your son!!
  • I have a 29.1 weeker due to HELLP syndrome too <3 hugs mama. She's 34w now (born 5w ago)

  • Hello and Welcome! Thank you for sharing your son with us! I hope that you continue sharing and keep us updated on your journey in the NICU.
    Love and Hugs