Mother of 3 and an angel

A warm hello to you all,

I never thought I'd end up sharing the loss of a child yet here I am eager to let everyone know about the existence of my beautiful boy C.J.  I was 22 weeks when I went into preterm labor, delivered my baby but went home with empty hands. I never knew how severe both physical and emotional pain felt until I held my dying baby in my arms and couldn't do anything to help him live.  I do find some comfort knowing that I got to meet him, held him, told him I loved him and gave him my blessing.  Everyone tells me that God's plan is perfect but it's so hard to see it that way feeling the way I do. I'm incomplete....I miss him so much.  

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    Hello and welcome to share. The loss of a child is absolutely devastating, as i found out after losing twin boys at 22w5d in march 2007.

    Nicki is right ... the people who are just there for you, willing to listen and just hold your hand, mean more than empty words.

    Many hugs and much love to you.

  • HI welcome to share. I am so sorry for your loss. One of the things I quickly learned in my journey after my son died is that the people who just hold your hand, wipe your tears, give you a hug mean so much more then all the empty words they can offer. People mean well with what they say but it just adds to the sadness. Many hugs to you and we are here for you. Nicki