How to Protect an Unborn Child?

During pregnancy, you need to protect yourself and child from harmful effects, which, unfortunately, prevail in the modern world.

Here there is a list that will help you figure out what really needs to be avoided while pregnant, and get rid of unnecessary fears:

  • radioactive radiation;
  • X-ray radiation;
  • drugs;
  • alcohol;
  • smoking, including passive;
  • medications (including injections), except for emergencies, provided by the doctor knowing that you are pregnant;
  • contact with patients with rubella;
  • hot and long-lasting baths;
  • cat *** (since cats carriers toxoplasmosis).
  • jumping and any other severe physical activity;
  • some herbs: aloe, hyacinth, oregano, white lily, rosemary, fern, parsley (in large quantities in the first two trimester of pregnancy), sleep-grass, fennel, bearberry (bear ear), spurge, tansy, thick-bodied fir, hops, licorice;
  • movies and books in which there is violence, bloody scenes, evil and horrors;
  • raw meat (its contact with other products), unroasted meat or fish;
  • chronic constipation.

Try to minimize it the following risks:

  • stressful situations;
  • electromagnetic radiation coming from TV and computer monitor;
  • excessive physical activity;
  • enemas, syringing (due to reflex uterus reduction);
  • too loud, unharmonious music, especially computer (rock, pop and other styles, in which there is an unnatural rhythm for child);
  • vibration;
  • caffeine (coffee, black tea);
  • diseases that occur with a high fever (including influenza), especially in the first trimester;
  • contact with household chemicals (hair colors, cosmetics, perfumes, detergents and detergents, washing powders - check your sensitivity again and reduce contact to a minimum);
  • smells (pairs) of paints, varnishes and other chemicals;
  • refined sugar (use yellow sugar).

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If you have already encountered something on this list, do not be panic, but try to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Do not wait for the second trimester to avoid the above things. Your child is particularly vulnerable at the earliest gestation, but you must protect it during the entire pregnancy and after.