My Story of My 31 Weeker.

Hello. My name is Jessica. I have 2 girls 4yrs and 10yrs and my recent baby boy born October 29,2017. On October 24, 2017 i went in for my 30 week follow up appointment. The previous weeks I had been swelling in my face feet and hands, had ongoing headaches, and had been seeing spots of lights flashing blurry vision, weird episodes of cramping and vomiting, all the while being told by the midwife i had been seeing that it was all part of pregnancy never even being referred to a doctor to investigate on my symptoms. (sorry frustrates me every time) anyways, my blood pressure ended up running on the high side at my appointment and i was immediately sent to the hospital next door. There i was giving meds to lower my blood pressure iv fluids one of my 2 steroid shots to develop my baby's lungs in case he had to be delivered early and i was cathed i guess to monitor the protein in my urine. i was then flown by helicopter to a bigger hospital because the town i'm from doesn't have a nicu. when i got to the other hospital i was put on magnesium and monitored. 2 days later off the magnesium i got a sonogram and was told my placenta was calcified (didn't ever specify what stage), i definitely had severe preeclampsia, and that i'd be staying at the hospital to be monitored, my job was to try and make it as long as i could until i got my c section. i made it 3 days to October 29th, because my blood pressure wouldn't go down and baby Marcus was born. He came out screaming and crying i couldnt help but to cry because if he was crying he was breathing and it turned out he was a lot healthier than we all anticipated. one reason being that they thought he only had one vein in the umbilical cord and there ended up being all 3. today he is one week and 3 days hes off his oxygen and is being bottle fed once a shift. i'm so very thankful hes doing good, but i'm having a real hard time trying to cope with him being there. i find myself spacing out just wondering why i couldn't have carried him to term and why didn't they investigate my symptoms early on and caught it. i know i cant change anything that happened and i should be strong and appreciate the outcome because it could've been so much worse i just feel like maybe being on here and sharing this will help me feel a little better knowing i'm not alone, he should be home anywhere between the next 4-6 weeks (of course depending on how hes developing and growing) but it just seems so far away.

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  • Hi and welcome to Share. Congratulations on your sweet boy! It's great to hear how well he's doing after all the two of you have faced.
    I'm so happy you've found Share and shared your story with us. All that you're feeling is completely normal. Sure you have lots to be grateful for but what you're going through is not the typical pregnancy experience. You're away from home, your baby's and your own life were at risk and you're now facing a NICU stay until your baby boy is ready to come home. You've lost a lot in this journey, therefore it's okay to be upset about it.
    Be kind to yourself. I like to say "you gotta feel it, to heal it". Feel all those emotions.. don't push them aside. Be sad if you're sad. Be angry if that's how you're feeling. And then move through them. I found I was able to move forward when my babies were in the NICU by talking to others, and celebrating each of their amazing milestones that brought them one step closer to home.
    As I said I'm grateful you've found us here at Share. We understand how you're feeling. Keep reaching out to us here. Maybe consider starting a blog to document your little guys progress and write about how you're feeling. We will walk this path with you.

    You're not alone. Sending big hugs your way,
  • Hello and Welcome,
    Congratulations on your amazing baby boy! It's great to hear he is doing well, although I'm sure you would rather have him at home in your arms instead of in the NICU. Don't ever apologize for venting or ranting here at Share. You can say it as many times as you need to, it is heartbreaking to deal with what you are dealing with, especially when thinking it could have been prevented. Please know that so many of us have been through that and have rode the NICU roller coaster and lived to tell about it. Keep us updated on baby Marcus!
    Love and Hugs
  • Hello, and welcome to Share. Congratulations on the birth of your new baby. I hope that he's continuing to do well. Please let us know how he progresses.