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Hello all!  My name is Kateri and I am the mother of two preemie boys.  My oldest son, Jordan was born at 32 weeks (4lbs 4 oz) and was in the NICU for 3 weeks.  We thought this was so scary and traumatic...until...our second son Ryan was born at 25 weeks (2 lbs) and was in the NICU for about four months.  He developed a pneumothorax in his left lung and had surgery to put in a chest tube on day 2.  He suffered a grade IV brain hemorrhage day three and overcame many of the other obstacles that NICU preemie life has to offer.  It was a time of survival and prayer and I was just zoned in on keeping it all together and staying strong for the family.  I am happy to say that our boys are 8 and 6 now and are very healthy, active boys!  My husband and I starting realizing when Ryan was about 4 that we most likely were suffering from the PTSD associated with the whole experience and finally sought some help to cope.  6 years out now I can say that I feel that I am on the other side and can look back and enjoy the positives that also came with the difficult experience and I am ready to give back to those who are in the middle of it all right now. I was grateful for a mother than came in and shared here story when we were in the NICU and I am seeking a platform to be able to lend my support in whatever way could be helpful.  The NICU staff were so supportive and helpful when we were there that I remember thinking that once we finally reached the date of discharge that we would go home and begin our lives as a family of four.  I quickly realized that this was not the reality and that I was just entering the next phase of the journey complete with its own struggles (both medically, socially and emotionally) with less support than in the NICU. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need to vent about your journey!  :)

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  • Hi Kateri. Welcome to Share and thank you for sharing your story. I'm so happy to hear how well both your boys are doing after such a difficult start. I'm also happy to hear that you and your husband sought help for yourselves as well. I think all to often we parents forget to take care of ourselves. I look forward to hearing more about you and your family and how you continue to navigate your post NICU life.

    All the best,
  • Hello and Welcome to Share. Congratulations on your NICU graduates. So happy that you want to use your journey to make a difference for others. Its hard to explain the trauma to others who haven't been through it. I don't believe "getting over it" is even possible, its about getting through it and finding your support system. Thank you for offering that to others.
    Love and Hugs
  • HI welcome to share. Thank your for sharing your story. You receive so much love and support in the NICU it can be tough once your not part of it anymore. Having to find your own way in your new journey can be hard. Nicki