Rachel, Sarah, and Talia’s Mom

At 21 weeks pregnant I was in a car accident. I was coming back from a Halloween party when someone who was texting and driving slammed in behind me going 75mph. I had a complete placental Abruption and when I got to the hospital it was too late. My identical triplets were gone. I ask everyone in memory of my daughters to please put the phone down when you drive.

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  • Hello and Welcome. I am so very sorry for your loss. I agree that phones are a huge distraction and there is no need for texting and driving. I can't imagine surviving this tragedy and I'm so very very sorry for the loss of your babies. I lost my daughter to a birth defect, 11 years ago this year. It's so hard to go on afterwards and as Stacy said, it makes you feel crazy and question everything. I hope that you find support in this community. We are here for you.
  • Hello and welcome to Share. I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet babies. I too, lost my babies although not under the same circumstances. My twin girls Emilyn and Hailey were born at just shy of 21 weeks after I went into preterm labor. Losing a little one is so heartwrenching. It completely turns your life upside down. You think things that you never thought would enter your mind before, and feel like you are going crazy. Hang in there Mama, and reach out here or find someone to talk to to get you through this. Share was my refuge after losing my girls, it's where I came and finally felt normal because everyone else knew what I was feeling too. Looking forward to getting to know you better, and sending tons of hugs on the loss of your sweet three.