I thought of all the places March of Dimes would help.

On Mother’s Day March of Dimes sent out an email about Dana N. NICU story. I think it was the worst possible thing I could have ever received. For her to sit there and rub the fact that her baby lived when mine never had a chance is horrible. I hope some day I meet her. I want to tell her what a horrible person she is. I hope she feels my pain. I lost my triplets triplets all at once. I hope she feels like she can never complain again. Your child lived! You b**ch!

I never say the color of my daughters eyes or the color of their hair. They never were able to hear me say Mommy loves you.

Congratulations Dana. Way to rub it in

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    Do say your sorry when you’re not. Oh I forgot that’s what you do at March of Dimes. You’re never there when people need you. You kick people out of your support groups. You don’t help when people need it.
  • I am sorry the email made you feel that way. Please know that was not our intent. We are so sorry for your loss and want you to know that we take this feedback seriously. Thank you for raising your perspective to our team and thank you for being part of the Share Your Story community. ~ Amy