NICU Graduate Mommy, Here to Help!

HI Everyone!

I want to introduce myself, I’m Courtney Stensrud and I’m a NICU Graduate Mom  who gave birth to a 21 week 4 day old precious NICU Grad Rockstar Daughter.  I have been where you are today and know it all too well.  If I can help please reach out to me.  I run a blog called Hope Faith and Rockstars and added my profile here trying to help as many as I can.  My daughter spent 126 days in the NICU and will be 4years old this summer.  She has inspired and changed my life in the most amazing way.  The NICU can be a very hard place and a very welcome place and dealing with it all makes you and your baby Rockstars.  

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    Thank you Judy! I found it hard 4 years ago to find online support, I’m so glad to see this change now! I am So Glad to be here to give hope and support to those that are in a similar position we were in.
  • Wow, incredible Rockstar you have!! Thank you for being here and offering your support. I knew after my journey that I must be involved in helping others too...we all need one another to help us through these difficult times in our lives. So glad you are here - thank you!