Promise I'll Be , Promise You'll Be , Promise We'll Be Alright

August 19,2017 I was 6 Months and 4 Days Pregnant. That very same day I gave birth to my two beautiful Daughters. My pregnancy was different I had no complications, no symptoms, no weight gain . I was having pain that night and I went to sleep not know they were contractions. That morning the same pain hit me that morning and all I wanted to do was go back sleep.  Then the next thing I know I was packing some clothes called the ambulance and walked up stairs.  I gave birth To Kayleigh Rose S. In the ambulance at 5:58 am and then 18 minutes later Kaylynn Skye S. in the delivery room was born at 6:14. Knowing I gave birth early and knew there would be some complications I was scared I was crying I acted strong but deep inside I was hurting. Today September 19,2017 they are one month old (31 weeks) and they have no complications, they are 2lbs and some ounces and they are striving to be as strong as their mommy, THANK GOD , Many prayers was sent and they are still coming. Some people don't know the heartache of having a child and can't take them home. I come to the NICU EVERYDAY, I have no excuses not to see my daughters , I talk with them, I sing to them, This song Promises by Jhen√© Aiko  I've been singing and listening to this song while I was pregnant so it's familiar to them as it is to me. Can't nobody say I'm a bad mother or will be , ya don't understand how strong I am as a woman and now as a mother from saying that one of your girls won't probably make it to me getting on my knees praying to God that he will heal her to the best of his ability, I'm so happy that I'm a Single Mother and a Strong one at that. Thank you God for making it possible for be to even become a Mother to Two beautiful Daughters , That will look up to me as their hero , their friend, and their role model.  I TRULY HAVE BEEN HEAVEN BLESSED Now i have 2 beautiful one year olds and they adore improving in health and development.

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    Thank you so much , i decided on a big little house party and it was a great success and was only 2 hours.
  • Hi Khadijah, welcome to Share Your Story! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story of your sweet twin daughters. You and your girls embody strength and together you can get through anything! I'm happy to hear they are doing well and I hope they had a great 1st birthday! I hope you'll continue to blog and keep us updated with how you and your girls are doing. I love the Minnie Mouse picture of their birthday... how did you all celebrate the big day?