Hi! My name is Heather and I have 4 wonderful children and 1 rainbow miracle At my first ultrasound, we found out that I had 2 conditions - placenta previa and placenta accreta. As the pregnancy went along, I went to maternal fetal medicine and an ultrasound confirmed that I upgraded to placenta percreta which is way worse. It means the placenta has grown through the uterus and had attached onto the bladder. In August, at 32 weeks, I woke up with a minor pain in my hip and felt a little crampy so I drank some water and took a shower thinking baby was just laying on a nerve that was causing this. Well, I went to use the bathroom and what I thought was urine was actually blood. I was hemorrhaging out of control. My boyfriend drove me to the closest hospital. My heart dropped because I couldn’t feel my baby move anymore since I started bleeding. I prayed the whole way to the hospital, not for myself but for my son. As they hooked me up, I prayed for the best but was expecting the worst. Low and behold, that beautiful heartbeat blared as soon as the pads were in place. I was so emotional and was thanking god because I thought for sure he was gone. I had to be lifeflighted to a more experienced hospital because the one I was at could not deliver me because of how serious my case was. I lost so much blood that they had to pack more in case I started hemorrhaging again but luckily when I laid down, it had stopped for the most part. I got to the other hospital and she had pulled a 20cc blood clot out of me and she said I definitely ruptured but she didn’t know from where and the baby was no longer safe inside me so the decision was made to take him out that day. So many scary things were happening to me and they were happening so fast. I put on a brave face for everyone but I was terrified not for me but for my baby. First, they sent me to interventional radiology to get catheters placed into the arteries of my hips to help with the blood loss I was about to endure. As we made our way into the OR, I was just begging them to knock me out. There were so many people in the OR to work on me and my son and I was terrified. They put one last iv in the artery of my wrist and I was off to sleep. I woke up not knowing where I was and I was trying to talk to ask if my baby was ok but I couldn’t talk. Come to realize that I have a breathing tube down my throat and I am in ICU. They had left me open, stuffed me full of sponges and clips because I lost so much blood, they couldn’t continue the surgery any longer. They had me sedated a lot but I remember lots. It was awful, I couldn’t talk, couldn’t ask questions, didn’t know what was going on, couldn’t eat, constantly gagging from the tube. A couple days later I heard, we are taking you in for your second surgery and that’s all I remember of that. The first surgery went for 5 hours after they got my son out who went straight to the NICU. They said I had lost all of the blood in my body. I was getting donor blood plus they were pumping my blood back into me. I had died twice on the table and they had to bring the crash cart in twice to revive me. They cut me completely up and down. I had 3 layers of stitches and 42 staples. They got the baby out, did a full hysterectomy, had to take a chunk of my bladder out and then do a bladder reconstruction. They said they do not know how both me and my son are still alive. They said he should have died when I started bleeding but since the placenta took up my entire stomach, it was squishing him upwards into my ribs so he was above the bleed. Thank the lord. I had so many amazing doctors, nurses and surgeons that saved both me and my son. I am so incredibly grateful and blessed. It was the scariest moment of my life but if you knew me, you would know just how strong I am. I named him Callan which means “strong in battle” which couldn’t be anymore appropriate for my little warrior. They call me the walking miracle because they honestly don’t know how I am walking around right now. They said they have never seen a case like mine and they don’t know how I survived it because I lost all the blood I had in my body and I flatlined twice during the surgery. They had sent me home with a catheter in because my bladder needed time to heel. After I went home, I ended up hospitalized again because I got a UTI plus my bladder had torn and leaked urine into my stomach causing a huge infection and a 14 cm abcess. I went to my obgyn for my postpartum appointment and I have been diagnosed with depression and PTSD from everything I went through. It has been a little over 3 months and my son is still in the NICU. He was born at 4 lbs 0.3 ozs and was 16 1/2 inches long. He is now almost 11 lbs. He is still in the NICU because he is not eating like he should. He should be taking 87 ml, but he is only taking in the low 30’s. Any formula he wasn’t taking is getting pushed through his ng tube. They did a ton of tests on him trying to figure out what is wrong and he is on a bunch of medications and nothing is helping. They even changed his formula to an ultra sensitive alimentum formula and they thought maybe he had acid reflux so they put him on Zantac. The swallow test showed he had slight reflux but only minor and that wasn’t the problem. So they did a genetics test on him and it came back that he has on chromosome 16 something called deletion syndrome. It can make their development slow and have possible learning disabilities. So this may explain why he won’t eat like he should. They gave me all the time they could and they’ve come to the conclusion that time is exactly what he is going to need and in order to be able to send him home, they would have to surgically implant a g-tube (feeding tube) in his belly. So, they just did the surgery 2 days ago and it was horrible to watch him go through that. They had to put him under anesthesia and he came out screaming in gut wrenching pain. I will have to go up there with him (which is about an hour and a half away) and meet with a g-tube specialist to learn how to feed him through it and how to connect it and take care of it. I wish it was me going through this and not him. I already have mom guilt for not being able to be with him everyday but I have my 10, 9,4 and 1 year old to take care of at home and with him being so far away, I can’t get there everyday and it’s torture. They are going to wait to see how the g-tube hole is healing and then discharge should happen not long after that. He might not be home for his 1st Thanksgiving but he should definitely be home for his 1st Christmas. He is my miracle, my love and my world. I can’t wait to bring him home to meet his family and settle him into his home. I can’t wait to kiss his face every second of every day. Thank y’all for taking time  to read my experience.  God Bless! Heather