Out of the NICU but still anxious

Hi I’m new here. My baby boy was born at 37 weeks and I had what seemed to be a good labor and delivery. After giving birth I would’ve never imagined after having a successful delivery that less than 12 hours later we would be admitted into the NICU for a pretty serious breathing issue for my son.It’s the worst experience to see your baby fighting to be alive. The days really began to blend together. My body was so weak and every hour that passed my faith was tested. Seeing the other NICU babies broke our hearts. So small but fighters. The nurses got to know us and couldn’t believe we never left our baby’s side. We’re home now it’s been 2  months and baby is thriving but I still get anxious sometimes. I have a two year old who was born at 41 weeks with no complications and met every milestone early so it’s hard not to compare. Anyone else been here before? They prepare you for everything in the NICU but taking our precious babies home and finding our new normal is a whole new adventure. Thanks for lending an ear :)

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  • Welcome to Share and congratulations on your baby boy! So happy to read that he met his NICU goals and was able to get home:) The NICU is an experience like no other. Nothing really prepares one for it and the emotions tend to stay with us long after discharge. It takes time to process what you've just been through, so go easy on yourself. My oldest preemie just turned 13 and I still have flashbacks to the fragility of that NICU time. Mine were all preemies, so I don't have quite the same situation, but I did have a 20 month old and a new baby at home. It took time to figure out how to manage. The biggest hurdle was finding the energy to play with my older son when his little brother would nap. Older bro would just wait so patiently for his 1:1 time and it was hard to say no to that smile. You're doing great! A little anxiety is normal. When you feel like you don't want to leave the house and the worry becomes larger than it is, that's when it's time to tell the doctor. It's only been a few months, so nest away and enjoy all of these precious moments. Take lots of pics with baby and older sibling. My kids love to look at them now and can't believe that they were ever that little.

    Hugs and Happy Holidays,