Baby Davay

My sweet sweet baby girl Davay born at 24 weeks and 3 days to my husband and I. We have been married for 8 months and I was eager to start our family. We found out about our Vay on 28th July we had her 13th December due to preterm labor related to an infection likely brought on by the cerclage placed at 21 weeks because of an incompetent cervix. My Davay also known as kicker since she was kicking at 11 weeks, spent two weeks and 3 days in the NICU. She had klebsiella infection due to long stay on the vent, as well as a yeast infection due to multiple antibiotics as a precaution that sadly killed off the good bacteria. So my baby girl died 3 days ago. I held her for the first time 3 days ago, I cleaned her for the first time 3 days ago and I knew death first hand 3 days ago. I always ask my husband if I should get an X-ray now does he think a crack in the heart can be seen. This hurts. Her little pink funeral is on Thursday coming. I keep thinking it’s my fault. I should have been able to keep my baby in my womb to protect her from needle pricks and reintubations xrays and being touched which she wasn’t a big fan of at all lol! How to get to Thursday? How to get to the Friday after that Thursday? Everyone keeps asking “are you ok”? Yes, I can go skating right now sucking two popsicles! This is insane! All these punk stuff in my home! I sleep with her last NICU sheet. My Davay. I wear her hospital band too. My Davay. My Davay my Davay. Mommas good girl...

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    I sm so sorry to hear about the loss of Davay. This is a journey no parent should ever have to take.

    I found after my loss that it was OK just to start with taking it minute by minute, and then hour by hour. Eventually, you will manage to get through the days.

    Please know we are here for you.

  • I am so sorry for your loss of your sweet baby Davay. I hope you find comfort and support here on Share - we're here to help you through this! You're not alone. Sending lots of love to you and your family to help you get through the days ahead! Remember to take each day at a time.